What To Do If Your Smartphone Is Hot

Unlike your computer, your smartphone doesn’t have fans or any other active way to keep itself cool. Instead, to keep them working within acceptable temperatures, smartphone manufacturers count on passive cooling methods and the fact that most people don’t do too many super intensive tasks with their phones.

Most phones also have safety measures built in. If it does start to get hot, your phone might turn off some features—like the camera flash—and limit processing power until things return to normal. That said, it’s still possible for your smartphone to get hot; maybe even too hot. Here’s what to do in some of the most common scenarios where your phone starts to feel very hot.

If The Battery Is Swollen…

If the battery appears to be swelling, cracks are appearing around the edge of the device, or your phone is getting incredibly hot, then there could be a fault with the lithium-ion battery, which has the possibility to catch fire or explode.

In short, if you notice a swollen battery:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Don’t use it or charge it.
  • Contact the manufacturer about a replacement, if it’s under warranty.
  • Dispose of the battery at an authorized recycling center, if it’s time to get rid of the phone.

Swollen batteries are pretty rare, but they do happen. If your phone is merely hot, it probably isn’t a battery issue. But if there’s any appearance of swelling or the phone starts to feel like a hot plate, don’t take any chances.

If the Phone Is Charging…

When you charge your phone, it should generate a small amount of heat. This is just a side effect of the chemical reaction that charges the battery. However, if your phone feels much hotter than normal, there might be an issue with the charger.

Here’s what to do:

  • Unplug your phone and allow it to cool down.
  • Try charging it again with an official (or high-quality third party) charger, or try a different charger than the one you’re using now.
  • If the phone…
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