11 Gift Ideas For the Geek In Your Life

Geeks speak a language all their own. If you’re shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for the nerd in your life, get them something better than a tie. Whether they’re into Star Wars, Harry Potter, or just like math jokes, you can find a gift (or at least a good idea) beyond flowers and chocolates.

Whether you’ve got a die hard Harry Potter fan on your hands or somebody that appreciates the finer things in life like so-cute-it-hurts 8-bit photo frames, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

“Always” Rings – Harry Potter ($20)

How do you know Harry Potter is a well-written series? Because J.K. Rowling can melt your heart with a single word. Snape’s response to Dumbledore revealed a complex motivation behind a complex villain (or anti-hero depending on your perspective). While Snape is by no means an uncontroversial character, this pair of rings echo his sentiment. Even if his romantic words are touched by tragedy, they can be meaningful for you and your partner. One reads “After all this time?” and the other, naturally, says “Always.” You can choose the appropriate size for each.

Binary “I Love You” Wall Art ($20)

If your partner has a taste for computer science and hidden messages, it’s tough to beat this “I love you” binary print. The wall art features those words written in binary (you can check it for yourself here) on your choice of colored background. Without knowing the meaning, it’s still an eye-catching piece to decorate your home, but knowing the message makes it a sweet little message hidden in plain sight.

“I Love You” “I Know” Matching Necklaces ($30)

Han Solo may be a scoundrel and a nerf-herder, but it’s hard not to swoon a bit when he delivers that iconic line from Empire Strikes Back. We can’t all pull off a move that smooth ourselves, but these customized necklaces can still melt your partner’s carbonite heart. Each necklace comes with a tab engraved with one of the two lines, as well as a second tab that can be engraved with you and your partner’s initials to make it a little bit more yours.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone Hoodie ($42+)

Even Link knows that you can’t get through life on your own. His support comes in the form of the Master Sword and Zelda, who inevitably saves his butt. You, on the other hand, might prefer your partner and this hoodie. Featuring the quote from the original Legend of Zelda game, the hoodie doesn’t give you a sword, but the power of love.


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