7 Fantastic Board Games for Two Players

Who says you need to go out to have a good time? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, a quiet night in with a nice dinner and some fun board games may be just the thing for you and your partner.

Board games are a lot of fun but so many of them are balanced for ideal play with a whole table full of players. We’ve carefully selected games for you that are either great two player only games or that can play more than two players (but are still balanced and fun when there’s only two at the table).

Love Letter ($11)

If you want the perfect couples game for Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to get more on the nose than Love Letters. This is a small card game for 2-4 players, though it works well with just two. The objective of the game is to deliver a secret letter to the princess Annette and woo her before the other suitors. If that storyline is too fluffy for you, you can also try to find Love Letter: Batman Edition. Yes, it’s real, and the Batman edition is so popular it’s tough to hunt down.

Hive ($32)

Hive is built on a simple mechanic that can turn complex in a hurry. Each player is given a set of hexagonal tiles with insect icons on them. Much like each piece on a chess board has a set of rules governing how it can move, each different insect can only move in certain ways. The goal is to completely surround your opponent’s Queen Bee tile with tiles of your own, while simultaneously preventing them from surrounding yours. This game is ideal for two players, which makes it a great date night game, as long as neither of you are too squeamish about bugs.

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