7 promising tech startups shaking up the auto industry

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The auto industry is undergoing a massive shift as it ushers in the technologies behind electric and autonomous vehicles and onboard tech designed to improve or enhance the driving experience. But to fully understand how those changes are manifesting, and how they could evolve in the future, we have to first understand the startups and entrepreneurs driving those changes.

The startup advantage

Why is it that startups are pushing some of the biggest changes? There are many possible explanations, including the fact that startups are nimbler and less bogged down with bureaucratic decision-making than larger corporations. Startups are also more willing to experiment with new territory, which tends to result in innovative thinking and radical new solutions.

Applied to the auto industry, this innovative approach gives startups and established companies alike the chance to incorporate new strategies to push the market forward.

Budding startups

These are some of the most innovative startups influencing the auto industry today:

1. GhostWave

Based in Columbus, Ohio, GhostWave specializes in radar sensors that are less vulnerable to outside interference. Together with lidar, cameras, and other sensory features, self-driving cars rely heavily on radars to “see” the road and the objects around them. The problem is that too much interference in the air can corrupt the images radars provide, making it more likely for a vehicle to miss an important cue and be involved in a collision.

GhostWave hopes its new technology will help develop a radar that won’t see as much interference, which is going to become even more important when there are millions of autonomous vehicles on the road at once.

2. Neteera

Also operating in the realm of better sensors for autonomous vehicles is the startup Neteera Technologies. Neteera is dedicated to creating a new type of sensing technology…

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