‘China’s gift to Africa’: How China spied on the African Union via donated computers

‘China’s gift to Africa’: How China spied on the African Union via donated computers ...

For a period of 5 years, China continued to spy on all electronic communications at the African Union’s headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Chinese spy operation continued throughout this period without being detected until some network administrators at the AU’s headquarters discovered it in January 2017.

This is according to an investigation conducted by Le Monde which has gone on to reveal how the Chinese, who donated and built the new AU headquarters in Adis Ababa, fitted the building with hidden microphones and transferred data every night from the AU’s data center to their servers in Shanghai.

In January 2012, the new AU headquarters in Addis Ababa built and equipped by the Chinese government were opened. The $200 million 20-story tower along with other buildings in the complex was called “China’s gift to Africa” by the Chinese government, yet, it would later be revealed that it was a gift that would keep on giving.

Almost exactly five years later after the new headquarters were opened, in January 2017, it has been revealed that the IT team at the AU headquarters discovered that their network was transmitting unusually large amounts of traffic after midnight, daily. This is…

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