Quiet Your PC’s Fans with Cheap In-Line Adapters

Unless you’re constantly playing with one of those fidget cubes, your gaming PC is probably the loudest piece of equipment in your home office that doesn’t actually have a speaker. You could completely rebuild your PC into a efficient, low-power, water-cooled statement of subtlety…or you could buy these in-line adapters for a quick and cheap alternative.

A brand called Noctua (one of the better brands in PC fans and cooling) sells them on Amazon for just $8 a three-pack. They come in both 4-pin and 3-pin varieties, though the 4-pin version will work with 3-pin fans, so just get those ones for futureproofing purposes.

Then, just install them between your standard case fan and the electrical connection on your motherboard or power supply rail, and a built-in resistor cuts the power to the fan by about half, resulting in lower revolutions per minute and measurably lower noise levels. It’s especially useful for fans that can’t be controlled by software.

Exactly how much slower and quieter your case fans…

Sasha Harriet

Sasha Harriet

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