The Best Tools to Score Awesome Deals on Steam

There’s almost never a good reason to buy a Steam game for full price unless you have to have it the day it comes out. If you can be patient, then you can save big on the games you want. With these tools, you can find out when the next big sales are, track prices over time, and get alerted when the games you want are cheap enough to buy.

There are always deals of some sort on Steam (like daily deals, “midweek madness”, weekend sales, etc.) but nothing compares to a full out Steam Sale. There are a couple of big sales every year, with smaller sales in between. More often than not, the lowest price for any game on your wish list will come during a sale. Steam famously doesn’t announce sales in advance, but fortunately they stick to a pretty predictable schedule. A schedule that chronicles.

Head to the site and you’ll be greeted with a big, friendly countdown timer that estimates when the next Steam Sale is going to go live. It also denotes when a sale date is confirmed and when it’s coming from rumors or speculation based on previous sales. It’s not 100% reliable, since it’s rarely based on official information, but it’s as close as you’ll get to a heads up when the next sale is approaching. If you’re on the fence about making a particular purchase, it always pays to check if there’s a Steam sale right around the corner.

Steam’s website has a wealth of information including reviews, bundles, DLC listings and plenty more, but it could still use some key features the company will never add. Information like whether other stores have it for cheaper. Steam’s not gonna tell you if you can get a better deal somewhere else, but the browser extension Enhanced Steam (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge) will.

The extension will show you when a game is available for a lower price in another region (if you happen to have an overseas friend you could pay to gift it to you) or,…

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