YouTube CEO Calls Demonetizing Logan Paul’s Channel ‘A Pretty Strong Statement’

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The YouTube community may have been frustrated with how YouTube handled its response to Logan Paul, but CEO Susan Wojcicki believes that the punishment was justified.

On Feb. 9, more than a month after Paul posted a video featuring the blurred face of a suicide victim, YouTube announced that it would suspend monetization from his channel, cutting off a lucrative revenue stream for the creator. The decision was made after Paul not only posted a video that was deemed insensitive to mental health issues, but after he released videos that showed him tasering a rat and encouraging viewers to participate in the Tide Pod challenge.

“We think that’s actually a pretty strong statement in itself,” Wojcicki said of the decision to demonetize Paul’s account during a talk at the Code Media conference on Monday evening in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Paul’s video in Japan’s so-called “Suicide Forest” was posted in the final hours of 2017 and immediately drew criticism from the creator community. Many people who operate channels were frustrated by how long it took YouTube to respond. When the Google-owned company took its first action on July 13, it removed him from its premium ad tier, Google Preferred, and put its original projects with him on hold.

But it was clear that the broader…

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