3 Tactful Ways to Ask for Money for Your Wedding

Your partner put a ring on it and now you get to marry the person of your dreams. Congratulations! While planning a wedding and figuring out how to pay for everything can be stressful, you also get to create a wedding registry and select all the gifts you want people to give you. (See also: How to Save Big on Everything for Your Wedding)

While it’s fun to scan house decor and that big screen TV you hope one of your guests will be cool enough to buy, cash would be a lot more helpful to you and your soon-to-be spouse. You don’t need fancy place settings or sheets with a high thread count, but how can you ask friends and family members to skip the shopping spree and hand over the dough without sounding tacky?

Here are three strategies that work.

Create a specialized registry

You aren’t the only one who wants cash gifts for their wedding, which is why many online donation registries are available. Sites like Honeyfund and Traveler’s Joy allow you to create a wish list of items like a dolphin excursion for your honeymoon or new cabinets for your kitchen in your condo, and your guests can donate money to help you pay for those things. Your wedding guests will feel like their money is going toward a good cause, and you will be able to cash out after your wedding.

Note that some of these registries will charge you a small 2 to 3 percent transaction or processing fee (and your guests if they use a credit card). Also, many of these registries will take a few weeks to deposit your funds into your bank account, so plan your honeymoon accordingly. (See also: 10 Money-Saving Gifts to Put on Your Wedding Registry)

Whatever you do, don’t skip the registry! Some couples think that if they skip the registry altogether that guests will automatically give them cash. Instead, some guests might take this as a sign to give you anything. You might end up with three toasters and floral bedspreads…

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