6 Smart Money Habits of Introverts

It can be hard to be an introvert in our extroverted world. If you’re like me, you tend to fib to get out of making weekend plans. “I’m busy,” can mean anything from, “I’m sitting on the couch watching Netflix,” to “I’m going out to dinner, but will be enjoying my own company.”

In fact, life can be difficult enough for introverts that many end up pretending to be extroverts just to get through the day, and ultimately exhausting themselves. However, there are some perks that come with being an introvert, especially when it comes to money. Here are just a few financially great habits introverts tend to possess.

1. They’re less likely to keep up with the Joneses

Most introverts value their relationships, and they tend to choose their friends carefully. They aren’t likely to choose people who are superficial, or need to be impressed. Thus, introverts are less likely to spend money in order to fit in. If that’s what it takes to build a relationship with someone, an introvert is likely to walk away. (See also: 4 Money Lessons You Can Learn From the Joneses)

2. Staying home is a given

Staying home is cheaper than going out. Even if you make a nice meal for a few friends, it’s going to be less expensive than buying them all dinner at a restaurant. Renting a movie is cheaper than going to one, and having a dance party in the living room is cheaper than heading to a club. Simply by being more likely to stay home, introverts are also likely to spend less. (See also: The 12 Best Weekend Activities for Introverts)

3. They tend to shop from home

It’s easy to get carried away in the store. After all, you like that shirt, and…

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