Celebrate Pi Day with these 9 Maker Share Projects

The Raspberry Pi is a great board for rapidly building fun electronics projects. Since it’s Pi Day (3/14), we thought we’d share nine Maker Share projects that use Raspberry Pi.

Becky Stern is a content creator for Instructibles, so we love whenever she shares one of her builds on Maker Share. Last year, she used a Raspberry Pi and Pi Camera to transform a retro film camera into a device that captures GIFs.

“I wanted a way to use my vintage cameras in a new, digital way. I have a few kicking around in various conditions, but haven’t used them in ages because the film is costly to develop,” said Stern.

Alain Maur built Scott TV, a Pi based television, for his autistic son. The Raspberry Pi connects the TV to six large buttons, making it easy for Maur’s son to switch channels and replay episodes from his favorite shows.

John Cole has posted several of the projects he’s created on Maker Share. Three of them incorporate Raspberry Pi. The first, called the BricKuber, is an open source Lego robot that can solve Rubik’s Cubes all on its own.

The second is a self-driving miniature car. It was designed to simulate how a life-sized car might be pre-programmed to drive to certain locations, pick-up passengers, and avoid obstacles on the way to its destination. “Getting the robot to handle turns was…

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