5 Great Phone Apps For Keeping Your Passwords Secure

It’s important to have different passwords for every site or service you use, but tracking all those passwords is a pain (so most people don’t bother). These handy apps will help you create, organize, and use super secure passwords.

Why should you bother? Using the same one everywhere can make you vulnerable if there’s a password or data leak on a site you regularly use. Remembering them can be tricky though. That’s where a dedicated password manager comes in. Rather than trying to recall dozens (if not hundreds) of passwords you can use the app to generate and organize them. If you need a little convincing, we’d encourage you to read up about good password practices over at How-To Geek.

The following apps include an array of handy features that will help you in your password journey. In addition to just keeping track of your passwords, many can also create extra strong passwords for you, saving you the effort of coming up with a complex string of characters by yourself. These apps will also work across multiple devices so you don’t need to worry when you switch between your smartphone and PC or Mac. They can be real time savers, as well as a great security measure to implement. Here’s our favorite password management apps.

LastPass (Android/iOS, Free)

One of the biggest names in the business, LastPass does pretty much everything you could ask for. If you just want a rock solid password manager and you don’t even want to finish reading this article, just get it and be done with it.

It’s available for Android, iOS, as well as Apple Watch, PC and Mac. Through your devices, you can store all your usernames and passwords within the LastPass Vault, easily syncing them across everything you use. Access is restricted via passcode, TouchID, or FaceID, depending on the device you’re using it from.

The app automatically fills in forms online for you, saving some precious time, plus there’s a powerful password generator so there’s no need to spend time thinking up a password for yourself.

The bulk of the app is free with a Premium upgrade ($24 per year) to enable emergency access for loved ones, as well as the option to share passwords and log-ins with trusted friends or family. Don’t let the presence of a premium tier put you off from considering LastPass though—the feature set for free users is so feature…

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