Build teams for ‘radical innovation’ to save your company’s creativity

Build teams for ‘radical innovation’ to save your company’s creativity

Don’t use too much corporate lingo, and make sure you protect the core values of the statement over time — otherwise you’ll end up with something totally different. Take Disney for example, which started off with an incredibly simple mission statement — wanting to make people happy.

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We can learn from Amazon, Google, and the MIT School of Management that data is important in the innovation process, but mostly as a means of validation. Which is pretty ironic, coming from two of the world’s most data driven companies. Data can be instrumental in uncovering new opportunities and analyzing customer behavior. It can’t, however, show you what to do next. It can’t predict possible outcomes of your innovation either.

I’ve seen many teams enthusiastically pitch a new idea, but ultimately being held back by management. This could be for being unable to show data that supports their point, not having an appropriate plan, or failing to define the possible ROI.

This is an old way of working, and an important sign of imminent failure. It’s impossible to measure the impact of things that are radically new and have never been done before — making a business plan at this stage is just a waste of time. Instead, it’s often much more effective to prototype and experiment with the idea.

To let the most radical and innovative prototypes and experiments thrive, I’ve learned that the following principles are essential for your team. The first principle is to embrace all new technology. The second principle doesn’t sound as logical, but it’s based on my own experience, scientific research, and philosophy. It’s simple: Use play as a method to discover new things.

Embrace technology and use play to discover radical new ideas

Let your team embrace all new technology, albeit briefly. From blockchain to Snapchat to AI, it should all be on your radar. Tech has been a massive disruptor and it’s slowly encompassing our entire world, so…

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