How Much Electricity Does the Amazon Echo Use?

Alexa can be super useful thanks to the Echo’s always-listening capabilities that keep it ready for action at a moment’s notice. But how much electricity is that convenience costing you?

I have five Echo devices sprawled across my house in rooms where they’re super convenient to have, and I use them for all kinds of stuff: music, timers, alarms, listening to the news, and more. However, just like with some of the other devices and appliances in your home, your Echos are constantly sipping electricity. This obviously costs money, but just how much money are you spending to have your Echo always on and listening for your commands?

Using a Kill A Watt meter, I monitored the electricity usage of all the Echo devices in my house, which consist of an Echo Dot, a 1st-gen Echo, a 2nd-gen Echo, an Echo Plus, and an Echo Spot. Here’s what I found out.

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Standby Energy Usage

Here’s a breakdown of how much electricity various Echo devices pull when they’re in standby (a.k.a. when they’re just sitting there not doing anything):

  • Echo…
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