How to Remove Facebook from Your Life (And Why That’s Nearly Impossible)

#DeleteFacebook is a pretty clear call to action, but most people saying they want to delete their account never do. Why? Because Facebook is really hard to get rid of. If you want to rid yourself of Facebook, I’m going to tell you how, but you probably won’t do it.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

Deleting your Facebook account is technically simple. Head to the account deletion page, click the “Delete My Account” button, enter your password and a captcha, and boom, it’s done.

Okay, not quite. There’s a 14 day cooling down period where you can log into your account and stop the deletion process. Don’t log in for two weeks and it’s gone for real. All your account data will be deleted from Facebook’s servers (although it can take up to 90 days to be fully removed) so it’s probably a good idea to grab a backup first.

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But deleting Facebook is really only one part of getting rid of Facebook. The hardest bit is replacing the things you actually use Facebook for.

Keeping Up to Date With Friends and Family

During Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the US Senate, he repeatedly denied that Facebook was a monopoly. He couldn’t, however, name a single largest competitor. While Instagram (a Facebook property), Twitter (the mad ramblings of people who shouldn’t be let near keyboards), and Snapchat (a digital playground for teens that Facebook is slowly strangling to death) are all technically social networks, they don’t fill the same roll.

Sure, some people might announce their engagement or new baby on Instagram, but they’re much more likely to do it on Facebook. It’s how I told my extended circle of friends that my granny had died—it was the simplest way to reach them all.

There is nothing out there right now that replaces this, short of just ringing around all your friends and family and asking them, “What’s up?” I travel for most of the year, so Facebook is how I keep tabs on what’s going on at home. It’s just not realistic to keep in constant contact with other people leading their own lives 3000 miles away.

And yes, it’s true that things like Google+ still exist, but for a social network to be useful, the people with whom you want to communicate need to participate. And most of them aren’t going to switch to using something else just because you want to delete Facebook from your life.

Now don’t get me wrong, Facebook’s News…

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