Philips launches 43-inch PC gaming monitor with high-end HDR standard

The Philips Momentum 4K also has ambient bias lighting.
Above: The Philips Momentum 4K also has ambient bias lighting.

While consoles and 4K televisions have spent the last couple of years hyping up their support for high dynamic range (HDR) contrast technology, PC gaming is still catching up. But now Philips is rolling out a monitor that supports the DisplayHDR1000 standard, which has the potential to make HDR content burst off the screen. Philip’s Momentum 4K HDR monitor (436M6VBPAB/75) is among the first PC-specific displays with this high-end HDR format.

Up until this point, VESA — the organization that sets standards for consumer electronics — has only identified PC monitors with support for Display HDR 400 and 600. Those are the first two, lower levels of the standard. DisplayHDR1000 is the highest. The number is a measurement of brightness intensity in nits, so DisplayHDR400 is capable of at least 400 nits where DisplayHDR1000 can do up to…

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