Woman Gets Caught On Camera While Dumping Her 4 Dogs, Regrets It Immediately

It’s heartbreaking to find abandoned animals left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, there are many irresponsible people who throw their pets away, and some don’t even bother to take them to an animal shelter.

A good Samaritan from San Antonio, Texas, tried to intervene in just a situation. When she saw a woman throwing her 4 dogs out of the car in a vacated lot, she confronted the offender. In the recording she took, we can hear her clearly stating the consequences that may follow if the woman did indeed decide to ditch her pets.

The kind Samaritan tried desperately to reason with the dog-abandoner, but even after being given directions to animal care services the heartless woman proceeded to dump her dogs and drive away in the most infuriating manner. One of her passengers even had the gall to flip the bird to the camera.

After authorities were informed, three of the dogs were found and delivered to an animal shelter. But the 4th dog was missing. Luckily however, the callous ex-owner of these pets had a change of heart and helped to locate the last dog. She turned herself in after delivering the last dog to Animal care services. According to Texas…

Sasha Harriet

Sasha Harriet

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