5 Great Selfie Accessories For The Perfect Selfie

Taking a selfie is a fun exercise in capturing moments with our friends and sneaking ourselves into cool sites we visit, but there’s more to the perfect selfie than just flipping the camera around. Check out our top picks for the best accessories to take a perfect selfie.

Many of these might seem a little gimmicky but in the right situation, they’re surprisingly effective and (dare we say) more than a bit fun. You’ll be taking picture perfect selfies in no time.

You might think that selfie accessories are solely based around the unforgettable selfie stick, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Don’t worry though, we’ve still figured out the best selfie sticks too. There might be hundreds out there but there are very few that work super well. Here’s our favorites of the bunch.

HISY Bluetooth Headset with Stand ($20)

The name is deceptive and confusing, but what the HISY Bluetooth Headset actually happens to be is a great way of taking a group photo or selfie from a distance. Through its Bluetooth connectivity, you can snap photos from up to 90 feet away from your iPhone or iPad, without any extra hassle.

That initially might not sound very selfie friendly, but it also means you can use the HISY stand to place the phone in front of you before hitting the button to take a shot from close range. You still get the appearance of a selfie without the awkwardness of your arm being outstretched to the side of the image. The HISY’s battery is large enough that you can take 100 shots per day for over 2 years, which should be more than enough for most selfie takers. Bear in mind that it only works for iOS owners.

Mpow Selfie Stick ($10)

Simple and straight forward, the Mpow Selfie Stick does exactly what you would expect of it. Simply slot your phone into the end of it, extend the stick, then use the built-in Bluetooth remote control to…

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