How to Clean Satin

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Like any luxury material, satin requires special care to maintain its integrity and value. Given that satin alludes to the weave technique, rather than the material within the piece, determining which fibers your item is composed of is crucial in cleaning it without causing damage. To maintain satin’s glossy and smooth texture, see to stains as soon as possible, wash the item in cold water, and lay flat to dry – being sure to keep the item out of direct sunlight and heat.

  1. 1 Lift the oil from the item. Use a clean paper towel and press the stain to lift it away. Alternatively, you can blot the stain with a clean rag, then pour flour or polenta over the stain and allow the flour to absorb the stain for 1 hour. Be sure to brush away any excess flour prior to moving on to the next step.[1]
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  3. 3 Wash the item in warm water. Warm water is more effective in lifting grease from the fabric, so can be used in this instance.[4] Otherwise, stick to cold water when washing your satin items.
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  2. 2 Turn the item inside out. Place the stain face-down, and apply a mild detergent from the inside. This will allow the stain to loosen and push off the fabric, rather than being rubbed deeper into the fabric.[6]
  3. 3 Blot the stain prior to washing. You can be a little more aggressive with more durable fibers like cotton and nylon, but take extra care when blotting satin made up of fibers like silk.[7]
  1. 1 Brush away excess dirt. Use a cloth or a soft bristle brush to gently remove excess debris from the item. This reduces the chance of rubbing more dirt into the fabric during the cleaning process.[8]
  2. 2 Apply soap to a damp cloth. Use cold water and a dot of hand soap, then rub the cloth together until a lather forms.
  3. 3 Blot the stain. Rubbing stains can cause the fibers to break down more quickly, and will set the stain deeper into the fabric. Blotting gently lifts the stain away without damaging the fabric. Follow the grain of…
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