How to Kill Weeds in Rocks

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Even through rock mulch and gravel, weeds will somehow find a way to grow. Luckily for you, these can be handled like weeds in any other part of your garden. You can spray a chemical killer, pull them by hand, or use a variety of household materials to help keep your yard free of these plant pests.

  1. 1 Purchase liquid spray rather than granules. Granular herbicides usually cover a wider area than desired, especially if there are other plants in the area. Purchase a liquid spray weed killer to easily spot treat for weeds.[1]
    • Liquid sprays are available as an all-in-one product or in a concentrated form to be mixed with water. Either product will work in this instance.
  2. 2 Select the killer depending on which weeds are present. Specific weeds will react differently depending on the product that you choose. Some weed killers will only target specific styles of plants, so determine which types are present in your rock beds.
    • Broadleaf weeds, like dandelions and ragweed, can be targeted separately with a broadleaf killer without damaging any other grasses.[2]
    • Grassy weed killer will target Bermudagrass and others, but it is not selective and will your lawn if it comes into contact with it.[3]
    • Sedge weed killers will help take care of crabgrass and is specific to this type of weed. Most plants like this form from bulbs, so it may take multiple sprays to fully remove them.[4]
    • Non-selective sprays will kill everything they are applied to. This will also include plants that you have planted and your lawn, so use non-selective spray sparingly.[5]
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