Should You Go on Vacation While You’re in Debt?

When you’re struggling to make ends meet and working to pay off debt, you may be inclined to skip the summer vacation. It just doesn’t seem sensible to take a trip when you’re trying to be diligent about saving.

But taking a vacation isn’t impossible, even for the most debt-ridden among us. In fact, getting away may just be the thing you need. Here are some reasons why a vacation shouldn’t be out of the question, even if you’re working to pay off debt.

You can keep it short and close to home

A vacation doesn’t have to involve a three-week European tour. While that’s something you’d love to do one day, it may not be in the cards right now. And that’s OK. A short trip of just a few days can often have the same positive impact on your spirit and mood. Consider a three-day drive down the coast, or a long weekend at a beach house. Maybe even just a few days backpacking will do the trick. I have found that trips of four or five days can be just long enough to disconnect and recharge, but short enough to keep costs at a minimum. (See also: Yes, Affordable Family Travel Is Possible)

You can rough it

A pup tent and a bedroll is far cheaper than a five-star hotel. Camping’s not for everyone, but if you love the outdoors, you can enjoy a wonderful vacation and truly get away. There are many National Parks that offer a low or even no entry fee, with sightseeing that is second to none. And if you have kids, it gets them off the electronics. Take a hike in the Smoky Mountains. Go canoeing on the Buffalo National River. These can be enormously fun and relaxing trips that will hardly cost you a dime. (See also: Camping for a Week Is Only $160 at These National Parks)

You can share the cost with friends and relatives

No one likes a moocher, but you can save some serious coin by teaming up with friends and relatives. Hotels rates are based on double occupancy, so fill that room! Or consider renting out a house…

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