The Best Must-Have Exclusive Games For the Xbox One

It’s a sad fact that the Xbox One has the fewest notable exclusives among the major game consoles. There are still a few, though, and these are some of the best.

When it comes to Xbox exclusives, it can be a bit of slim pickings. While Sony and Nintendo are cleaning up shop with their studios, Microsoft hasn’t had the best of luck. Still, there are a few games out there worth getting an Xbox One for.

Note: We’ll include a few games that are available on the Xbox One and PC if they’re not available on other consoles. Since Microsoft owns both Windows 10 and Xbox One, many of these games cross over to both. As long as they’re not available on a PS4 or a Switch, we’ll count “Microsoft exclusive” as close enough.

Quantum Break

Many modern AAA games are so cinematic, they may as well be a movie. Quantum Break decided to take it a step further and become part TV show. The game takes a novel approach to storytelling, using nearly-lifelike character models of actors like Shawn Ashmore (X-Men Trilogy) and Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones) during gameplay. Then, every once in a while, the game takes a break to show a live action, episodic portion of the story starring the very same actors you control during the game. This approach… Well, it kind of works! It’s not the smoothest storytelling experience, but it’s interesting enough to at least be worth checking out.

Even if the half-television-show aspect of the game doesn’t interest you, the gameplay might. The story centers around a time machine that causes a break in the way time works. This gives your character the ability to manipulate time, through actions like blocking bullets, zipping around a battlefield, and stopping time entirely. The in-universe explanation for these powers may be tenuous (one power gives you “time vision” to see enemies because sure why not), but the combat is satisfying enough that you might almost resent the game for interrupting your fun with a TV show.

Halo 5: Guardians

To say that the Halo series has had its ups and downs is a bit like saying that totaling your car is a mild inconvenience. Some Halo games have been genre-defining achievements that single-handedly breathe life into the Xbox console, while others are Spartan Assault. On this grand spectrum of boring to fantastic, Halo 5: Guardians clocks in solidly at “pretty okay!”

It’s hard for anything in the Halo franchise to truly approach what die-hard fans of the series expected. Guardians’ multiplayer elements are lauded as improvements over past entries in the game, but the story…

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