Why I love bees: five enthusiasts spill the buzz

Five bee-lovers tell us why they are so passionate about these fascinating insects

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Brigit Strawbridge, author and campaigner

“Bees are extraordinary creatures. The more I watch them the more I fall in love with them. I am enchanted and fascinated by their diversity – from the tiny little furrow bees (no bigger than a grain of rice) that nest in old stone walls, to the enormous queen bumblebees that herald the arrival of spring – but my favourite of all is the male hairy-footed flower bee.

“Why? Because of his distinctive high-pitched buzz, his territorial behaviour as he patrols the lungwort in search of females, and the fact that he strokes the female’s antennae whilst they mate. This bee has captured my heart more than any other.”

Image: Charlotte Strawbridge

Freddie Yauner, artist

“I’m an artist who found a love for bees through an interest in pollen. As bees collect pollen they fertilise 30 per cent of the world’s food – but pesticides are killing our pollinators. Bees are beautifully engineered animals: they cover themselves in pollen, then somehow clean themselves up and use their hind legs to compress their bounty into pollen granules to carry back to the hive.

“Pollen granules have delicate and unpredictable colours, I use them as pigment to make paint. Thanks bees – sorry for taking some of your pollen – hopefully the works I make will help your plight.”

‘Letter to Michael Gove’, 2018, pollen ink on paper by Freddie Yauner. Image:

Freddie Yauner

Paul Sergeant, online community…

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