Starting “Next For Me’: Raising An Angel Round And Perception

Checking out a new perspective.

In the previous articles in this series I wrote about the beginnings of my company ‘Next For Me.’ From inspiration, collaborators, the law, broadcasting, money, conversion-ing and the company as a movement. Then a family emergency caught me off guard. We got introduced to just the right venture capitalists. I moved to a tiny office and acknowledged the lonely days of startup-land. We’ve started talking to and analyzing our audience needs. We also started work on our brand architecture.

Next For Me publishes a weekly newsletter for 50+ audiences. We are hosting meetups across the country to discuss working, transition, and our place in our communities.

Back to the checkbook. Reality is knocking on the door. To keep the lights on I took on some contract work which luckily hasn’t been a real drag on my focus. The work is also a relief from some of the hand-wringing I have a tendency to do.

Finding other work is not the solution, nor does it move me forward. With Next For Me I’m still juggling a lot of relationships that require focus, study, and travel. This is setting the stage for the next investment – whether that comes from being accepted into the program or … what’s next all on our own.

I seem to have hit a fundraising wall (for now) with my friends and family network. I am deeply grateful and would not be where I am today without their belief in me and investments to get things going. Before succumbing to anguish I just keep talking about what I’m doing and doors open.

Shift Perspective

I had a great partnership meeting with an entrepreneur addressing the same general demographic as…

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