Canada’s Ultimate Plant Mom Will Take Your Unwanted Shrubs

Sarah Adams and a rescued plant.
Sarah Adams and a rescued plant.

Earlier this year, a woman in Calgary, Canada, planted a blue spruce tree near her house. It started to grow, which was good. Then it kept growing. Spruces can get up to 60 feet tall even in yards—something she hadn’t considered when she picked this one out. She started to weigh her options.

This story could have ended whimsically—she could have named the spruce Clifford. It could have ended sadly, with the young tree chucked in the woodchipper. Instead, it ended practically: The woman picked up the phone and called Sarah Adams. Now the spruce has a new home a little ways away, one of a motley crew of formerly abandoned plants that all live together on Adams’s land.

Adams runs a cut flower farm called Alberta Girl Acres. She sells bouquets at local farmer’s markets and through a CSA program. But this past summer, the farm expanded its purview: They now do plant rescue, too. “Rehome your pretties,” advises a dedicated section on the farm’s website. “No plant left behind.”

A field of previously abandoned irises.

Adams’s tender heart is connected to her own green thumb. Before she bought her farm last summer, she was a renter in the city, and moved around a lot. “I would do a lot of gardening in those rental yards,” she…

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