4 Insane Vacations Your Ancestors Took Without a Second Thought

Back in the day, I guess there wasn’t a whole lot to do for fun. Or at least there wasn’t a whole lot that could safely be done – theme parks weren’t a thing, the Internet and television weren’t even a glint in anyone’s imagination, and travel was basically limited to where you could drive (or, if you were rich, go on a boat that would probably sink and kill you).

What followed was that our ancestors likely took some pretty dangerous holidays – perhaps without even realizing how people a couple hundred years in the future would see things differently. I’m sure it also has something to do with the fact that we have a lot more rules, regulations, and government branches designated to making sure the human population doesn’t dwindle to zero due to pure stupidity.

It’s a big job, to be sure.

But before all of this beautiful mess we’ve created, our people had to wing it. And wing it, they did.

#4. Hermit stalking.

People who stumbled across people like Robert Harrill – later known as the Fort Fisher Hermit – told their friends how awesome it was to sit and chat with a real-life hermit. And then more people came. Seriously.

For his part, Harrill was a man who had a rough go of things before settling in his abandoned wartime bunker in North Carolina, and though he might have been interesting, he probably would have preferred being alone. Because why else does one choose to…

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