Lennie James Recalls Being Unsure of Walking Dead’s Early Success

The Walking Dead – and now spinoff Fear the Walking Dead – star Lennie James recalls being unsure that the show would be a success early on. In the world of Hollywood, movies and TV shows are rarely a safe bet to catch on with audiences. Projects seen by insiders as a sure thing often fail, and those seen as fringe releases unlikely to captivate the masses can quite often surprise everyone by becoming the next big thing.

While it might be the highest rated show on TV now – albeit not by as large a margin as it used to beThe Walking Dead was definitely not anticipated to be a big hit. In fact, several networks passed on the series before AMC opted to pick it up. Doing that was obviously a smart move, as while shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad earned AMC critical prestige, Walking Dead transformed the network into a major power player.

That all said, it’s not surprising to learn that members of The Walking Dead’s cast also viewed it as a project likely to be nothing more than a blip on their resumes. After all, no one had ever tried to tell a serialized zombie apocalypse tale on American TV before, leaving those stories up to movie directors like the late George A. Romero. During a panel at Comic Con Honolulu (via…

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