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Nvidia’s Max-Q tech can make gaming laptops as thin as a MacBook Air

Graphics chip maker Nvidia introduced Max-Q, a new design approach that will enable thinner, quieter, and faster gaming laptops.

Laptops using the new Max-Q designs will debut from all major computer makers starting June 27, according to an announcement by CEO Jen-Hsun Huang in a speech at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. Max-Q is a new approach to designing gaming laptops, and Nvidia is working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system builders to make high-end gaming laptops thinner, faster, and quieter. With Max-Q, everything in the design is precision-engineered — including the laptop, the graphics processing unit (GPU), the drivers, and the thermal and electrical components — to ensure peak efficiency.

Max-Q is a term taken from NASA’s mission to launch man into space. It is defined as the point at which the aerodynamic stress on a rocket in atmospheric flight is maximized. Thus, the design of the rocket is precision-engineered around Max-Q. Nvidia said it has applied a similar philosophy to designing gaming laptops, enabling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to build laptops that are three times thinner with up to three times more performance of previous generation products.

The results of Max-Q technology, as applied to existing chips, is a high-performance gaming platform…

Economists have figured out how to extract the most profit from ransomware

Economists have figured out how to extract the most profit from ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware that impairs the functionality of a computer (for example, by encrypting files on the hard drive), and then demands the victim pay a ransom in order to return their system to normal.

It’s frighteningly common. The term ‘Ransomware’ first entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 2012. We have seen several ugly and dangerous permutations of it, including CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, and most recently, WannaCry.

But it’s not the cash cow you probably think it is.

Take WannaCry, for example. This specimen devastated the UK National Health Service, as well as countless private sector businesses, like Spain’s Telefonica and Banco Santander. It took roughly a week for the Bitcoin wallets associated with the malware to reach $100,000 in payments. That’s not a huge amount when you compare it to the chaos it caused.

A recent paper from three University of Kent researchers, called “Economic Analysis of Ransomware” published in March of this year, makes several suggestions at how ransomware developers can increase their bottom line.

The researchers note that the money earned from ransomware is largely contingent upon people’s willingness to pay to recover their files. This is influenced…

Stop dragging kids away from their screens

Stop dragging kids away from their screens

Every parent thinks it’s healthy for their kids to play outside. I want it for my kids, my parents wanted it for me, and my grandparents wanted the same for my parents. Right now, it’s a hot topic among parents that mobile phones are turning kids into zombies who tune out and do nothing else but play games and chat. Parents introduce ‘screentime’ and have long discussions with each other about handling their kids’ screen addiction and how to get them to go out and play outside, like normal kids.

I’ve got some advice for those parents: Take a deep breath and leave your kid alone. They’re fine. They’re enjoying a new world that you don’t understand. Their brains aren’t melting, they’re not turning into zombies. In fact, they are probably more social and connected than any generation before them. They are probably more concerned with what’s happening with the rest of the world than you ever were. Playing outside is overrated.

I’m not even kidding. Consider this:

  • My grandfather was deeply concerned about my fathers behavior when he was a teenager, because all he did was sit inside and read comic books
  • My father was deeply concerned about my behavior when I was a teenager, because all I did was sit inside and watch television
  • My uncle was deeply concerned with my cousin’s behavior when he was a teenager, because all he did was sit inside and play video games
  • My sister is deeply concerned with her kids’ behavior now they are teenagers, because all they want to do is sit inside and play MMORPGs

See my point? I once heard a myth that at one point French politicians debated whether to ban the ‘Chaise longue’ (basically a couch) in France because they were…

5 Refreshing Ways to Keep Cool On-the-Go

It’s getting hotter. So how do you prevent sweat and general heat discomfort when you’re commuting to work or out and about? It’s easy to keep cool at home or once you’ve arrived at the office, but it’s harder when you’re on the road. Luckily, we’ve found some easy ways to cool off when you’re on the go.

1. Remember a time when you were given the cold shoulder

Social exclusion feel may feel cold — literally. Researchers conducting a psychological experiment involving 65 students at the University of Toronto found that subjects who recalled a time when they were socially excluded estimated the room temperature was colder than subjects who were asked to recall a social incident when they felt included. People who called to mind a memory of social exclusion were also more likely to crave warm food or drink than people who thought about an inclusive experience, according to the research. So if you’re feeling uncomfortably warm, it may help to conjure up a memory from a time when you felt rejected and shunned. Instant air conditioning!

2. Wear a cooling face mask

Scientists have found that the temperature of your face influences your perceived whole-body temperature and overall comfort level. In fact, cooling the face…

Quick Learners Do These 8 Different Things to Pick Up Anything Easily

In most parts of the world today, education is seen as a right, not a privilege. Even if sometimes costly, every individual has, at least in theory, the possibility of studying anything he or she desires. In response to this massification of the educational system, the quantity of information has grown exponentially. Moreover, it has spread and diversified into innumerable domains, sub-domains and specializations.

Regardless, education is nothing if it does not provide a certain degree of general knowledge and culture of other fields. In order to prevent schools and colleges from spawning specialists that are laser-focused on their field alone, the practice of quick learning has gained increasing popularity in the last years.

However, tackling and even partly understanding a subject in a brief time can be extremely demanding. Mixing it with other starkly different matters of interest only adds more difficulty. As such, a few techniques and practices have to be adopted and mastered in order to successfully engage in quick learning.

They are masters of prioritizing

In order to be able to tackle different topics and a large quantity of information in a short period of time, the ability to self-organization is key. Quick learners are excellent in setting priorities1 and achievable objectives for themselves.

To do this successfully and consistently, one needs to play around his or her own personality and study habits as there are nearly as many learning styles as there are people. A careful, studied approach to a subject can save a lot of time and help outline its important parts.

They know how to motivate themselves

Connected to the previous point, benchmarking is the practice of organizing any task into sub-goals. This breaking down of a titanic assignment works well as an incentive. Humans are wired to receive a degree of satisfaction upon completing a task. For that reason, large and time-consuming activities can seem like an eternity.

Quick learners, however, use benchmarking to keep themselves motivated and energized throughout the entire time of the project or task. This keeps productivity at elevated levels and brings about the peace of mind specific to a job well done.

They are good at asking for help and collaborating

Lots of organized, disciplined and intelligent individuals make the mistake of relying solely on their own ability to cope with an immense amount of information. As a result, their data absorption rate is modest and their comprehension of the studied subject is approximate.

By comparison, quick learners know how to collaborate and ask the right questions….

How data analytics will help us understand chatbots

Bots can augment human interaction, create greater business efficiencies, and remove friction from customer interactions.

It’s also a market that’s attracting impressive investment dollars, with 180 bot companies raising $24 billion in funding to date. Industry leaders from IBM to Facebook are making big efforts to take advantage of this trend, spending significant resources encouraging developers to create new bots that enable more personalized customer interactions. In March of 2016, Cisco announced the Spark Innovation Fund, a $150 million investment in bots and developers who want to make new products for Cisco endpoints in offices around the world.

Some of the most obvious uses for bots revolve around communication, customer service, and ecommerce. Chatbots are at the center of the way people communicate today, with over 2.5 billion people worldwide using a messaging platform like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram. Twitter recently rolled out a bot-like feature within its DM service to enable brands to interact more frequently with customers, with the goal of ultimately improving the customer experience. Facebook is testing a service to enable users to make payments on Facebook Messenger that are facilitated via the use of bots built on its platform. Gaming companies are using bots to help ward off trolls that might interfere with the natural progression of the game.

All this is happening while we create almost unfathomable amounts of data — data that is expected to reach 35 zettabytes by 2020. So how can companies outside ecommerce take advantage of bots to automate these new data sets and deliver smarter, faster analytics access in the process? Let’s take a look:

The concept of human to machine interaction via natural language processing can drive immediate analytics responses, rather than waiting on human analysis…

Learn how to get any business purring with Salesforce certification training for under $60

business certification

Nothing you do in business ends up meaning more than establishing solid, respected relationships with your customers. That can be tougher than it sounds when you take into account all the time, effort and careful execution it takes to cultivate those relationships. By learning how to use the business management app Salesforce, you’ll be well on your way to streamlining your contacts and meeting their wants and needs more quickly and efficiently.

Right now, you can find out why companies like Hulu, Fitbit…

Kim Kardashian Reveals the Real Reason She Split From Stylist Monica Rose

The Kardashian Krew has yet speak publicly about their recent split with longtime stylist Monica Rose, save for the entire family unfollowing the stylist on Instagram. But now, Kim Kardashian West, who has known the pro for years and also worked with Rose before her Kanye-induced style makeover, is opening up about her own issues with the celebrity stylist.

During a Plead the Fifth segment on a recent episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Cohen asked Kardashian West to reveal why her entire family recently unfollowed Rose on social media, and is no longer associated with the pro. (Rose, pictured below, had styled Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, as well as Gigi Hadid, Chanel Iman and Chrissy Teigen at one point. Khloé had worked with Rose for over a decade.)

And after a slight hesitation, Kardashian shares that her own drama with the stylist actually has nothing to do with her sisters’.

“I haven’t worked with her in maybe four years, so my reason is not connected to this,” she tells Cohen, hinting that there was another major…

Someone made a fidget spinner simulation so you can waste your day away

fidget spinner

Forget about dishing out 10 bucks for a fidget spinner at your local convenience store: Someone has built a virtual simulator you can spin all you want entirely free of charge.

Developed by designer and developer Mike Bodge, FFFFidget is a web-based interactive simulation that lets you toy around with a virtual fidget spinner as if it…

Tiger Woods arrested for DUI

16th Annual Tiger Jam Rocks Las Vegas
The sportsman was pulled over by traffic police officers in Jupiter early on Monday morning (29May17).

According to multiple reports, he spent four hours in custody at Palm Beach County Jail after he was booked for driving under the influence.

He was released just before 11am local time under his own recognisance.

Just last week, the golf superstar shared the latest on his fourth back surgery with fans on his website, writing: “It has been just over a month since I underwent fusion surgery on my back, and it is hard to express how much better I feel. It was…