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How to Disable the Unified Inbox (and Grouped Folders) in Outlook 2016 for Mac

By default, the folder list in Outlook 2016 for Mac is grouped into similar folders, which means that folders that are common to all your accounts, such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items, are grouped together.

The Inbox folder at the top of the folder list combines messages received in the inboxes for all your accounts, and then each separate inbox is listed below that. This allows you to quickly and easily check all your email without having to scroll to access your other accounts. You can also access Drafts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items for all accounts combined. The remaining folders unique to each account are listed further down with each account.

NOTE: The On My Computer folder is used for POP accounts. Messages from all POP accounts are…

Nightly Combines Your Hotel Bookings to Save Money on Lodging

Lodging makes up a large portion of your travel budget. If you’re willing to be flexible, there are some creative solutions to cut the cost of lodging. For example, you may be able to save money by booking multiple hotels, and Nightly makes it easy to search accordingly.

The search engine works like any other hotel search tool except that it looks for combinations of two different hotels to help you save money. Here’s how the site put it:

8 No-Brainer Ways to Save More Money

Want to save big with minimal effort? We’ve always admired the expert coupon clippers who could roll up to the check-out line and slash their bill by 90 percent by handing over a fistful of fliers. But pouring over discount pamphlets to find the best deals sounds, frankly, exhausting. So we asked money-saving experts what small tweaks we can make to our daily lives in order to sock the most money away.


You can drastically cut your grocery bill if you buy fruits and veggies during their harvest seasons. This means that now isn’t the best time to buy peaches or watermelon, says Cindy Livesey, New Jersey-based founding editor of the blog Living Rich with Coupons. “If you buy the strawberries in February, it’ll be high priced,” she says.


You don’t need to clip coupons in order to take advantage of store discounts, Livesey says. If Costco is having a buy-one-get-one sale on dishwasher tablets, and you know that this is the brand that you use on a regular basis, then you should purchase as many boxes as you can store, she says. “I did this deal myself, and it required no coupons,” Livesey says, explaining that she bought 12 boxes which lasted for six months until the next big dishwasher tablet sale.


Livesey uses…

The True Staycation: How to Holiday in your Home Town

staycation ideas

staycation ideas

With the fluctuating currency market and uncertain climate, more holidaymakers are choosing to ‘staycation’ – taking a holiday in their home country. This can be a fantastic thing to do, after all, there are amazing places to visit and fun things to do all across the UK that are often forgotten about.

But how about taking your staycation one step further and actually taking a holiday in your home town? Take a week to get to know the surrounding area like a tourist would and you might find some amazing gems hidden close to home. It could even lead to some fun new activities for you when you return to normal life.

Here’s the best way to take a true staycation and see another side to the place you live.

Check into a hotel

If you want to feel like a tourist, you should do what tourists need to do and the first step is to check into a hotel. Of course you might be able to enjoy your staycation from your own home but a hotel gives you a week of freedom from making your bed, cleaning and completing household chores – the stuff we take for granted on holiday.

Choose a small boutique hotel rather than a chain where possible, and remember to take any recommendations from staff on things to do.

Pick up a tourist guide

It’s likely that you’ll be able to pick up a tourist guide to your city – if there’s a tourist information office or something similar, they’ll probably be giving away free guides. Otherwise, buy a guide book or get articles online.


Speaking Mandarin may offer kids a musical edge

piano kid

piano kid

Kids who speak Mandarin, the primary language in China, may outperform kids who speak English in at least one aspect of musical ability — perceiving pitch. That’s the finding of a new study.

Pitch refers to how high or low a sound’s frequency is. In tonal languages, such as Mandarin, pitch is very important. These languages use different pitch patterns to give meaning to words. In Mandarin, a word like “ma,” for instance, could mean “mother” or “horse.” Knowing which will depend on how it was spoken. The English language uses vowels and consonants to change the meaning of a word. Switch the vowel in cat from “a” to “o,” and it becomes cot. But changing the pitch of the word doesn’t matter. (Even in English, pitch can play a role — just a different one. For instance, raising the pitch for the last word in a sentence signals that a question has just been asked.)

Sarah Creel led the new study. She works at the University of California, San Diego, where she studies how the brain perceives language and music. People who speak Mandarin may be better at detecting differences in pitch generally. “If you have to focus on pitch patterns a lot to understand what the people around you are saying, that may really hone your attention to pitch,” explains Creel. “And that attention to pitch in language then transfers to another domain.” One such domain: music.

Creel and her colleagues…

How to Quickly Adjust Which Facebook Notifications You See

Notifications are one of the worst things about smartphones. It’s one thing to get notifications for things you want, like text messages, but it’s a completely different story if your phone is beeping because someone has invited you to play a game on Facebook.

It’s great then, that on Facebook for iOS and Android, there’s a really quick and handy way to manage notifications you don’t want to see. There’s also a web option, though it isn’t quite as good. Let’s look at both.

On iPhone and Android

Open the Notifications tab in the Facebook mobile app.

On iOS, swipe to the left on a notification. On Android, long press on it. This will bring up the options for the notification.

The “Hide” option merely hides that notification from the list. Some notifications may have more options, though on iOS, you will need to tap the “More” button to see them.

Flashback Friday: 23 Mental Tricks That’ll Help You Save Money

It turns out that the whole “mind over matter” thing also applies to money. Your ability to save money can be instantly destroyed without the right mental tricks to keep you on track. Everywhere we turn, we are encouraged to spend, so in order to combat those urges, you need to trick your own brain into withstanding that pull. Here’s how to do it.

5 Savings Tricks You Haven’t Tried Yet — Hiding money from yourself and taping a goal to your credit card are just a couple brilliant ways to trick yourself into spending less money on things you don’t need.

How to Trick Yourself Into Better Credit Card Behavior — Reckless credit card behavior is responsible for so many people’s struggles with saving money. Once you can reasonably manage that,…

8 Most Common Mistakes When Doing a Balance Transfer to Eliminate Debt

This post contains references to products from our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. The content is not provided by the advertiser and any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any bank, card issuer, airline or hotel chain. Please visit our Advertiser Disclosure to view our partners, and for additional details.

Many credit cards offer 0% APR promotional financing on balance transfers, allowing you to move debt from high-interest cards onto one that offers zero interest for an introductory promotional period. These promo periods are nothing to sneeze at. They can last as long 21 months.

So what’s the catch? The truth is that balance transfer offers can be incredibly valuable, but only when you use them properly and avoid making some common mistakes.

1. Assuming You’ll Get the Best Balance Transfer Deal

You might not always be approved for the balance transfer card you want. For example, the best 0% APR deals are only given to those with excellent credit. While you may have had excellent credit in the past, having a large balance for a long time might have caused your credit score to slip. (See also: One Ratio Is Key to a Good Credit Score)

Even if you are approved for the card, it may come with a credit line that’s substantially lower than you need. If that’s the case, you may want to consider applying for a second balance transfer card.

2. Trying to Transfer a Balance From the Wrong Card

Consumers sometimes don’t realize that you can’t transfer a balance between two cards issued by the same bank. So if you have an outstanding balance on your Chase Freedom Unlimited card, you can’t open up a new Chase Slate card and expect to transfer your balance to it.

Keep this in mind before you apply for a balance transfer card. Every time you apply for a credit card your credit score takes a little hit. It can usually recover fairly quickly, but there’s no need to ding it unnecessarily for a card that doesn’t even serve your needs. (See…

9 Surprising Uses for Empty Beer and Soda Cans

If you enjoy a can or two of beer or soda, you may want to think twice before throwing your empties into the trash or recycling bin. The humble aluminum can has a multitude of uses, and can save you money on the most surprising things. All it takes is a little imagination, and a few basic tools. (See also: Beer Donuts and 11 Other Recipes You Can Make With Beer)

1. Make Friendship Bracelets

An empty can has a great shape to turn into a bracelet that easily fits on a wrist. Of course, you’ll have to do a little work to make it safe to wear, but the results can be stunning. Simply use a box cutter or pair of kitchen shears to cut off the top and bottom of the can, and then cut it into segments that work for you. You may want a very wide bracelet, or a bunch of smaller widths. About an inch is good for starters though. Make sure there are no sharp edges, and then decorate it by wrapping ribbon or cloth around it. If you have someone with a particularly large wrist, you can cut it, but make sure you wrap those edges carefully, or round them off. If the can already has a really great design, you don’t need to wrap it at all!

2. Make a Beer Can Stove

If you do a lot of camping, or like cooking in the outdoors, you don’t have to buy a portable stove. You can make one out of an empty beer or soda can, and it works incredibly well. All you need is something to cut the can with, and some fuel (rubbing alcohol works beautifully). The best part is, if you leave it behind, or it gets thrown in the trash, it costs nothing to replace.

3. Organize Your Stuff

Pens. Pencils. Screws. Hair Ties. Batteries. Cutlery. There are hundreds of different items at home that can be organized inside empty cans. You just have to cut the top off the can at the height that works best for you. If you have a junk drawer, cut them just below that height, and you can quickly organize all those little…

Morning Cup of Links: NASA’s New Plasma Rocket

NASA’s longshot bet on a revolutionary rocket may be about to pay off. A physicist/astronaut is on his way to unveiling a plasma rocket.
Kenya’s Tsavo West National Park has seen no rainfall at all since last June. Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua spends hours every day driving a truck to waterholes in the park to make sure elephants, zebras, buffalo, and antelopes have enough water to survive.
The 18 Indie Games You…