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Lion Facts: 80 Interesting Facts About Lions

Lions are also great swimmers as equal to the other big cat’s family.
Facts about lions Out of 8 male lions, only one male lion will survive to the adulthood because most of the male lions are abandoned from the lion’s pride at the age of two.
3 or 4 league of male lions attack or kill the resident male lion and its cubs to form a new territory or a pride of their own.
A Hundred years ago in Africa their use to live 200,000 lions, but now only 15,000 to 32,000 lions left on the whole planet.
From the big cat’s family, the male lions are the only species that appear different from their female lions.
Interesting facts about facts Usually a lion’s pride consists of 15 lions and male elder lion.
The lion that roars from the MGM is called “Leo the Lion”.
Male and female lions will stop growing when they reach the age of 6th year.
A 6 year old adult female lion weighs around 150 kg.
A 7 year old adult male lion weighs around 220 kg.

Food Facts: 70 Interesting Facts About Food

Food Facts: 70 Interesting Facts About Food.
Food facts: 70 interesting facts about food.
Yes even I was living with this false fact, before I came across this fact, so these facts include both facts and enlighten you with the false facts associated with some common food.
Fear of peanut butter sticking to the upper part of the mouth is called Archibutyrophobia.
Fun food facts Every year a person consumes eight pounds of grapes on an average.
Peanuts are being used in the making of the dynamites.
Facts about food Large quantities of chocolate are consumed by the swiss and then comes the British.
Facts about fast food Food coloring carmine used in candies is made from boiled beetles.
Interesting food facts Apples have 7,500 varieties globally.
Indians are the lowest consumers of meat in the world.

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