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Lion Facts: 80 Interesting Facts About Lions

Lions are also great swimmers as equal to the other big cat’s family.
Facts about lions Out of 8 male lions, only one male lion will survive to the adulthood because most of the male lions are abandoned from the lion’s pride at the age of two.
3 or 4 league of male lions attack or kill the resident male lion and its cubs to form a new territory or a pride of their own.
A Hundred years ago in Africa their use to live 200,000 lions, but now only 15,000 to 32,000 lions left on the whole planet.
From the big cat’s family, the male lions are the only species that appear different from their female lions.
Interesting facts about facts Usually a lion’s pride consists of 15 lions and male elder lion.
The lion that roars from the MGM is called “Leo the Lion”.
Male and female lions will stop growing when they reach the age of 6th year.
A 6 year old adult female lion weighs around 150 kg.
A 7 year old adult male lion weighs around 220 kg.

Food Facts: 70 Interesting Facts About Food

Food Facts: 70 Interesting Facts About Food.
Food facts: 70 interesting facts about food.
Yes even I was living with this false fact, before I came across this fact, so these facts include both facts and enlighten you with the false facts associated with some common food.
Fear of peanut butter sticking to the upper part of the mouth is called Archibutyrophobia.
Fun food facts Every year a person consumes eight pounds of grapes on an average.
Peanuts are being used in the making of the dynamites.
Facts about food Large quantities of chocolate are consumed by the swiss and then comes the British.
Facts about fast food Food coloring carmine used in candies is made from boiled beetles.
Interesting food facts Apples have 7,500 varieties globally.
Indians are the lowest consumers of meat in the world.

12 Things You Might Not Know About Organ Donation

The life-saving practice of organ transplantation has come a long way over the centuries.
Today, more than 30,000 kidney, heart, lung, and other organ transplants happen each year.
He also developed procedures to repair lips and ears using transplanted skin from a person’s own body.
But when Tagliacozzi tried to graft skin from a different donor, the body would reject the transplant.
In the days before immunosuppressant drugs, transferred organs were almost uniformly rejected by their recipients.
The transplant was a success, with Richard living eight more years—far beyond the point anyone who had previously received a transplanted kidney had lived.
More than 17,000 kidney transplants happen every year in America, according to the National Kidney Foundation, comprising more than half of all organ donations.
After decades of developments, including better immunosuppressive drugs, kidney transplants are one of the most effective transplant procedures being practiced today.
Because some organs can only be preserved for a few hours outside the body, every minute counts when making the transfer from donor to recipient.
The organ went to a man in New Jersey whose own family had wanted to donate but were found incompatible.

12 Secrets of Greeting Card Designers

12 Secrets of Greeting Card Designers.
Although social media has made it easy to share your feelings with the press of a button, the market for old-fashioned analog greeting cards is still chugging along.
“You need to create a symbol, image, or word that immediately makes a person want to pick up the card from about a three to six-foot distance, [which is] often how far someone is when they scan cards,” says Kate Harper, a freelance card designer.
“When people buy cards for someone, they have an idea of the person they are sending it to,” Harper says.
“Sometimes you’re out doing errands and something will stand out,” Gowen says.
Greeting card companies worry a lot about colors.
While major companies often insist on having words on both the inside and outside of cards, McDowell says that customers have taken a liking to cards that are completely blank on the inside.
“In the writing studio, you’re removed from that process and you can forget what you worked on,” Gowen says.
“Then you walk into a card shop to buy a Mother’s Day card and go, ‘Oh, I worked on this.’ It’s kind of a nice surprise.”
That’s the trick.” And, he says: “Anyone can write a card.

Time of Day and Age May Influence Coffee’s Impact on Memory

Time of Day and Age May Influence Coffee’s Impact on Memory.
But caffeine had no effect on their memory in the morning, Sherman says.
If just being more awake increases your memory performance, than exercise would have the same effect [as caffeine],” Sherman reports.
In the next test, for implicit memory, participants engaged in a word-stem completion test.
Each participant would see a word root, such as bas, and have to complete the word. “So if they see bas, for example, and in the study phase they were primed and had seen the word baseball, they might say ‘baseball,'” Sherman explains.
The authors write, “If caffeine benefits explicit memory by increasing general physiological arousal, we would expect to see the same boost in memory performance after morning exercise.”
Sherman says that several of their results were surprising: First, that caffeine did not have much effect on participants in their optimal time of day (afternoon).
Sherman says: “If people learn with caffeine and are tested with caffeine, does that make [their memory] is better?
Similarly, they can’t speak to whether more coffee would increase memory performance rates, since participants only ingested one cup of coffee.

Everyone on Earth Could Live in a Single Building—In Theory

Everyone on Earth Could Live in a Single Building—In Theory.
Sure, it’s easy to see how a town of just 200 people could fit inside one building.
But what would it look like if everyone in the world did?
In the latest episode of RealLifeLore, the video explainer series explores what it would look like if all 7.478 billion people in the world became neighbors.
Clearly, all previous conceptions about building size would have to be tossed out the window.
That is big enough to seat the populations of some small cities, but it’s only 20 percent of even the sparsely populated state of Wyoming.
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the largest sporting venue on Earth, seats 235,000.
That’s still too small.
According to RealLifeLore’s calculations of how many people can fit in one cubic meter, you would need a building 4416 feet high and 0.836 miles wide.
But yes, in theory, if such a building could be built, it would fit everyone on Earth.

The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie in Each State

The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie in Each State.
Girl Scout cookies are typically only available for purchase six to eight weeks out of the year, which leads to a lot of stockpiling.
In 2015 alone, the Girl Scouts sold a staggering $776 million worth of cookies—but which flavor came out on top?
According to the organization, Thin Mints are their most popular offering, followed by Caramel deLites/Samoas, then Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs.
But as social brand review website Influenster discovered, some states have an individual flavor preference.
To find out which Girl Scout-branded baked good reigned supreme in each region, Influenster conducted an online survey of more than 5000 community members across the country, crunched the numbers, and showcased their findings in the map below.
Not surprisingly, Thin Mints were beloved from coast to coast: They won the vote in 25 states, including Arizona, California, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Alaska, and Hawaii.
Caramel deLites/Samoas took second place, topping the polls in 18 states including Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Kansas.
Meanwhile, Peanut Butter Patties/ Tagalongs came in third; states that ranked them as their top choice included Alabama, Connecticut, Mississippi, and Montana.
See which cookie reigns in supreme in your state below.

6 Unexpected Consequences of a Solar Eclipse

That solar eclipse doesn’t mean that you’re going to die, that some higher force is about to smite you, or that demons are lurking in the coal shed.
Other animals just freak out.
Squirrels too fear for food, and run around far more than usual.
Take the European Union, which generates approximately 95GW of solar power—a significant proportion of its energy production—and had a total solar eclipse in March 2015.
Extra darkness during the eclipse could cause this output to drop by more than one-third; that’s three times the power output of all the nuclear power plants in the UK combined.
Europe managed to keep the lights on during the 2015 eclipse by preparing for it so that when the Sun disappeared, utilities switched to other power sources.
Many have also failed to notice any effect at all.
However, in the event of a solar eclipse, this increases to six prayers, the extra being the Salat al-Ayat, or Prayer of the Signs.
Food is not prepared nor eaten during an eclipse, and any prepared food is thrown away.
However, since the UV light from the Sun does have a small antibiotic effect, perhaps this one isn’t too far-fetched after all.

Costa Rica Facts – 95 Loving Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica Facts – 95 Loving Facts About Costa Rica.
Costa Rica facts: Interesting facts about Costa Rica.
Costa Rica facts Tourism is the leading industry in Costa Rica, attracting over 2 million visitors each year.
Costa Rica is one of the countries with the highest amount of protected land in the world.
25% of its national territory is national park or biological, marine and land reserves.
Today it is the 13th largest coffee exporter in the world.
Orchid is the national flower of Costa Rica.
Facts on Costa Rica Costa Rica has more than 10% of the world’s butterflies and 90% of the butterfly species found in all of Central America.
Costa Rica has a population of just over 5 million people.
76% of Costa Ricans are Catholic.

Desert Facts – 75 Interesting Facts About The Desert

Desert facts Desert can be found in every continent except Europe.
Desert biome facts Sand from the Sahara is blown to Amazon Rainforest along with the wind.
Sahara is the largest hot desert on Earth.
A desert is an area that receives the lowest rainfall.
Areas covered in snow are called as cold deserts sometimes, compared to hot deserts in warmer areas.
Camels can go without water for a week.
Atacama Desert in South America is the driest place in the world.
It is a 6 day 156 mile trek through the sands.
Only 15% of the Sahara Desert is covered in sand.
The Antarctic desert is the highest desert in the world.

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