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Supplement Wildly Unreliable, Despite FDA Regulations

Apparently, that doesn’t seem to be happening.
Scientists tested one supplement which is sometimes used to treat high cholesterol called “red yeast rice.” They bought lots of the supplement from GNCs, Walgreens, and other stores, and analyzed the amount of monacolin K, the beneficial chemical, in the pills.
All of this comes after the US Food and Drug Administration’s 2007 supplement production regulations.
Before you write this one off, though, red yeast rice’s monacolin K is the same ingredient in the cholesterol-lowering drug, lovastatin.
But according to the National Institutes of Health, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that red yeast rice products that contain more than trace amounts of monacolin K are unapproved new drugs and cannot be sold legally as dietary supplements.” So folks are buying it to lower their cholesterol, but the FDA says there can’t be more than a trace amount of that cholesterol-lowering chemical in the product.
Of the 28 brands that Cohen’s team tested, 26 had monacolin K. The amount could range anywhere from .09 to 5.48 milligrams per 1200mg red yeast rice pill.
Probably, companies aren’t being compliant and the FDA isn’t enforcing the law, said Cohen, but more likely it’s the former—companies are just importing big vats of rice powder without checking which part of the plant goes into their pill.
“We don’t have to speculate what a deregulated pharmaceutical industry would look like,” Arthur Caplan, New York University bioethicist told Gizmodo.
The spokesperson did offer some general information on supplement regulation via email: FDA regulation of dietary supplement safety is generally post-market, unlike with drugs and devices where it is generally pre-market.
Said Cohen: “This is exactly why I do not recommend my patients use red yeast rice to lower cholesterol.”

These Yoga Moves Will Actually Relieve Back Pain

These Yoga Moves Will Actually Relieve Back Pain.
If you’ve got back pain, yoga may be the last thing you feel like doing.
If you’d like to try the moves yourself, here is the guidebook they handed out to participants.
The poses start out really basic, and don’t take any special amount of flexibility or strength.
They didn’t have back injuries, just a nagging pain that doctors couldn’t explain, possibly related to a lack of strength and flexibility.
They went to an hour-long yoga class every week, and were assigned to practice for 30 minutes on their own every day they didn’t have class.
Before the yoga program, 70 percent of participants were using pain medication.
(People who hadn’t done the yoga or physical therapy programs had no change in their pain meds.)
This yoga program doesn’t work miracles, but it does seem to help.
If you have back pain, get it checked out, but it’s good to know that yoga might be able to help.

Best Money Tips: Ways to Keep Cool Without AC

Best Money Tips: Ways to Keep Cool Without AC.
Today we found articles on ways to keep cool without AC, tax tips for newlyweds, and how to flip free stuff from Craigslist.
[Cheapism] 10 tax tips for newlyweds — Make sure to let your employer know if you have changed your name or address.
Reach out to music stores for instruments or antique shops for wooden doors and furniture.
[Flipping Income] 9 Painless Ways to Live Out Your City Dreams and Still Save Money — Don’t be afraid to speak up if you can’t afford to take part in certain plans with your friends.
Simply state your answer and move on; there’s no need for a long, drawn out explanation.
[Everything Finance] Other Essential Reading Why Negativity Is a Social Killer — Negativity can be contagious.
Someone who was feeling pretty good can feel their positive vibes drain away when they’re stuck in a conversation full of complaints.
[The Art of Manliness] How to Get to Work Early: Top 5 Tested and Proven Ways — Check the weather and traffic reports so you know if you’ll need to leave the house earlier or take an alternate route.
LifeGuider] Want to Increase Your Productivity?

5 Habits Every Family Needs to Adopt to Start Saving Some Extra Money

Note: This post is written by Gabriel Fishbein Having a family is one of the most fulfilling accomplishments; it’s a whole new chapter of life.
Instead of cutting down on everything, simply learn to say no.
Cut down, or eliminate fast food and takeouts altogether and opt for cooking at home instead.
One of the best ways to get them everything they need is to make a list for autumn/winter and again in spring/summer.
By getting them everything season by season, you will avoid shopping constantly week to week and spending excessive amounts on clothes your child may never wear.
Cut Down on Toys and Make Memories Instead Next time you’re in a store with your kids and they try and guilt trip you into buying toys, say no.
So instead of buying new clothes, keep a few good-quality pieces so that you can pass them down to your next child.
If you’re thinking of redecorating or want to add a few things to your house, then as an alternative to buying more pieces of furniture, have a look at vintage and antique stores.
By making a few little changes you could be on your way to a more financially stable future as a family.
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The Lost Art of Serious Relationships: It’s Too Easy to Meet New People in Today’s World

With all of the social networking and online dating sites out there, finding a partner has become too easy.
So instead of taking the time to really get to know somebody, everyone is too busy expecting the next, better option to come along.
In fact, the last relationship advice you received was probably to open an account with an online dating site.
Finding a significant other is not supposed to be easy.
Take this relationship advice: you will never find someone who is a 100% match for you.
Too often, however, people think this relationship advice means they never have to change and that simply isn’t true.
Each person in a relationship has to put in some effort.
Unwillingness to compromise means you won’t find a lifelong partner.
Making a lifelong commitment to another person isn’t about giving up when things seem difficult or when you have to change something about yourself.
It just means you have to be open to making changes in life and adapting to the wants and needs of another person.

How To Control Negative Thoughts: A Practical Approach On How To Suffer Less

How To Control Negative Thoughts: A Practical Approach On How To Suffer Less.
It is well-known that thoughts create emotions.
Thoughts create emotions.
They create emotions which lead to behaviors.
Break Free Negative thoughts create negative emotions and that leads to negative behaviors.
The thought that suffering is ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ is already a negative thought by itself.
To escape this spiral of stress and suffering that we get trapped in, we must learn to relate to our thoughts differently.
Labeling won’t eliminate your negative thoughts or emotional pain and it doesn’t have to.
But, the thought isn’t you now.
You may notice that your thoughts and pain no longer spiral into stress and suffering.

How to Remember Everything Without Being Hard Working

How to Remember Everything Without Being Hard Working.
We can store loads of information, but if we want to improve our memory we have to maximize our brain’s filing system.
Short-Term Memory If you’ve ever had to recall items that you need to pick up from the store without writing them out, you’ve likely forgotten a few things on your mental list.
The clarity of the memory depends on your level of alertness at the time in which your brain was encoding the event.3 Working Memory If your brain stored everything you ever saw or heard with equal importance, it would have lots of information clogging its filing system.
The memory that you use to process and reflect on your world is your working memory.4 Your brain is like a giant hard-drive, and your working memory consists of the files open on your desktop.
If you want to remember more, you need to give your brain time to process, and since your brain doesn’t assign equal importance to all data, you won’t be effective by treating all your information the same way.
If you know the information well, you’ll need to review that card less frequently.
Ultimately, you’ll spend more time reviewing challenging cards and less time on ones that you know.6 Understand That You Can Memorize Different Information in Concentration Mode and Diffused Mode When we store information in concentration mode (sometimes known as focus mode), we set the stage for expanding our knowledge.7 In concentration mode, you build a memory framework by actively working to make sense of concepts.
You can’t stay in that state of intense concentration forever, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop learning.
Apps which allow you to make notes, such as Evernote can help you connect ideas and improve recall.

You Never Really Lose a Friend, You Only Cut Meaningless Connections

You Never Really Lose a Friend, You Only Cut Meaningless Connections.
Feeling nostalgic for an old friendship often makes us feel like we’ve lost an important part of our lives.
Your life and the people in it are constantly changing.
As the direction of your life changes, the people in your life also change.
This is a shallow friendship, and it wouldn’t be a loss to cut this meaningless connection out of your life.
This isn’t a friendship.
What you have with these types of people is not a true friendship, so letting go means you are only losing an unhealthy relationship.
You don’t really lose a friendship because true friendship always stays.
Cutting unnecessary ties allows you to focus on one of the most important things in life: true friendship.
You can, however, get rid of meaningless relationships.

How to Win More by Giving up for the Right Reason

How to Win More by Giving up for the Right Reason.
I’d again bet that none of you said, the founder of NeXt.2 This was a company similar to apple that Jobs Founded during the few years he left Apple.
Ultimately, if instead of seeing our ideas as things to fight for whatever the cost, but investments of time, effort, and money.
We like to think that our value of things such as projects or goals comes from our wish to see them through, or perhaps a prediction of their later worth.
However our ultimate attachment actually comes from a complex web of emotional attachments created not by our views of its worth, but the time and effort already put into it.
This false attachment based on loss is the sunk cost fallacy.4 How many times have you heard of a gambler putting everything they have into a bet, for that gamble to work out and they win big and are forever successful…Maybe that has only happened a few times.
There are countless stories of gamblers putting everything into a bet, ending in them losing everything.
But ask yourself how many people are clearly and visibly supportive and enthusiastic about your project or goal.
If you quit something and that thing is truly returned to you and is ready to work for you again.
If you put everything in an ultimately bad idea then you aren’t working with your best, but are working with the sunk cost fallacy.

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