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Your Fool-Proof Guide to Spring Cleaning

Place the spotlight on your brooms and dusters, as they are going to steal the show!
While purging the home come spring season has become a routine to many, a lot of people still do not realize the importance of spring-cleaning their spaces.
Aside from the fact that it allows you to organize your things at home, spring-cleaning also improves your overall health and well-being.
Keeping your home shut for the past wintry months has surely made it a breeding ground for dust and particles that could be harmful to your health, triggering severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even hay fever.
It’s easy to spot these hazards in your shelves, furniture, display pieces, and even in your stored piles of clothing.
Although it is a lot of work, decluttering and spot-cleaning your home can lead to awesome discoveries too.
You may find some of the things you’ve lost ages ago or discover stuff that you forgot ever existed.
That’s hitting two birds, actually a lot of birds, in one stone.
Spring-cleaning may appear like a tedious task, but once you start doing it, you will realize how much fun you can get from it.
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How Histograms Work

The histogram is one of my favorite basic chart types, because it lets you quickly see the shape and distribution of a dataset.
However, a lot of people don’t know what a histogram shows or how the chart works.
All you need to know is that darker dots represent higher values, and lighter dots represent lower values.
What about values in the middle?
How about if you put dots with the same (rounded) values in a stack and still sort horizontally?
You get several stacks (or columns) of dots placed horizontally based on their values.
You can make out the shape of the data and see individual data points.
The bars make the shape of the data straightforward.
Again, you see higher frequencies in the middle of the value spectrum and then the bar heights taper off as you move away from the middle.
How to Visualize and Compare Distributions If the histogram isn’t doing it for you, there are other ways to see distributions.

Sales Content Vs. Marketing Content: Do You Know the Difference?

So, What Is Marketing Content?
In fact, good marketing content will charm people to the point where convincing them to buy is easy.
People want to work with people that they know, like and trust.
OK, Then What Is Sales Content?
Sales content is about convincing people that you’re the best brand to work with, your products and services are right for them, and your people are a good fit for what they’re building.
What happens if you use sales content within your marketing content?
Can sales content ever be used in marketing content?
Before people are customers, market to them.
With that said, I do think there are opportunities to use sales content in your marketing efforts to existing customers.
I say that because if they’re already customers, you’ve already gone through the effort of charming and convincing them, so you’re not starting at square one.

College Years Between the Hammer and the Anvil

College Years Between the Hammer and the Anvil.
Everyone knows that education is an important key to having a successful career.
But going through college comes with its downsides and sacrifices.
You have to write your assignments and papers, often with very tight deadlines, and regardless of whether you have an interest in that topic, writing skills, and even if your future profession will not require you to write anything ever again in your life.
Not to mention what a burden homework is for dyslexic students and those with attention deficit disorder.
It is completely understandable that many seek online homework help.
For these reasons, there is a fierce debate regarding homework, with many researchers speaking out against giving children too much homework and advocating a more balanced approach.
They agree that doing homework can help one develop a sense of responsibility, but warn that it should be taken in smaller doses, making sure that students do not become overburdened and lose interest.
One study has found that assigning students more than 90-100 minutes of homework per day, led to decline in their math and science scores.
For this reason, they state that their recommendation is not to do away with homework but to make it more interactive, meaningful and useful.

How Do You Spend the Days of Your Life?

Nathan Yau from FlowingData has taken an in-depth look at the statistics behind How the Average Working Adult Spends Days in their lifetime.
There were some graphics going around that showed the total amount of time spent during an average person’s lifetime doing things.
The numbers were pretty rough though.
For example, to calculate the number of days spent sleeping during a lifetime, it was assumed that the average person sleeps eight hours per day, and then estimates just extrapolated for life expectancy.
You start to sleep less as you get older.
So I tried taking this into account using data from the American Time Use Survey.
I still used averages, but I calculated averages for each year of life and then aggregated.
For example, the time distribution for parents looks different from the distribution for those who never have kids.
Similarly, some never enter the labor force whereas others work full-time.
The data is from the American Time Use Survey, which is made more easily available from IPUMS.

How Savannah’s High Humidity Makes Your AC Sweat

Many homeowners are shocked by the time and cost that it takes to repair the damage to their homes, and most aren’t prepared to cover that cost up front.
However, many of these problems are easy to prevent, saving the family thousands of dollars and stress.
Reducing the likelihood of accidents and breakdowns requires regular home maintenance.
In the same way that brushing and flossing your teeth prevents cavities and other expensive dental procedures.
Regular check-ups can prevent home damage — or at least help you catch it early.
Learning more about your home will help you to spot problems before they balloon into major crises, and create a plan to make sure the damage doesn’t get any worse.
After all, it’s better to spot a roof leak after the first few raindrops than after a giant puddle of water has ruined your hardwood floors.
Check out this infographic first published by Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. that shows the three costliest home repairs and a few tips for how you can spot them.
If you are encountering any of these problems, follow our advice on minimizing the damage until you can have your home, piping, or appliance looked at.
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4 Reasons Content Marketers Should Think Like Designers

4 Reasons Content Marketers Should Think Like Designers.
For many brand marketers, design is an afterthought.
That’s because most (tech) brands are started by founders who likely had tech or business backgrounds, who were focused first on building and selling a product/service and attracting customers.
Building a strong brand is crucial to attract those customers, yet many people overlook how valuable design is to building a strong brand, especially in a company’s early days.
But most brands aren’t remarkable—yet.
How do designers think?
Designers care deeply about brands and brand integrity.
They understand better than others what it means to be off brand and on brand.
What to do if you have designers on your team If there are designers in your organization, get them involved in your content marketing efforts up front, and listen to them carefully.
If you want to learn more about thinking like a designer, find out how to apply good design at every level of your organization, how to create audience-first content, and how to put design first.

Facts About Mobile Casino Gambling In 2017

Facts About Mobile Casino Gambling In 2017.
Mobile casino gambling has dominated the Industry for the past decade.
In 2010 91 % of the people that play mobile casino games used desktops or laptop computers.
In 2016 did a study and found 74% of the people playing casino games online used a Smartphone or tablet.
What kind of Smartphone do most people play slots?
The study in 2016 shows that 64% of people playing mobile casino games used the Android phone.
22% used the Apple iPhone.
Are you wondering if your Smartphone is compatible with a mobile casino app?
The basic system requirements are two gigs of ram, MySQL database management, C ++ server and a 2.8 gigahertz processor.
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