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The Super Bowl’s Super Ad Spending

Super Bowl commercials have always been intriguing. We can’t help but wonder how companies pulled off those ideas. How long did they prepare it? How much did they pay for the actors? How much did it cost them? And the most intriguing question: was it worth the expense?

According to a Carnegie Mellon University Professor Michael D. Smith, Super Bowl is one of the last remaining ways to reach a mass audience. No doubt business titans would do everything…

How many tables restaurant servers have to wait on to earn minimum wage

In most states, there is minimum wage and there is tipping minimum wage. For those who earn the latter, most of their income comes from tips. This is fine in nicer restaurants where tips can be substantial, but in places that depend on high turnover and low prices, restaurant servers need to work more tables per hour…

House Price Forecast 2017

Buying a house can be stressful if you don’t have any idea about how the property industry works. So do your research and take advice from the experts. Ask questions like, “What type of house my family would prefer? Does the environment matter? Can I afford it?” The point is, before deciding to buy that house, understand that there are more important things to consider.

Among these things, deciding about the cost is one of the most crucial. Often, first-time…

How big is Amazon? [Infographic]

One of today’s largest and well-established tech giants, Amazon has been providing their customers quality service for years. From books, appliances, apparels, furniture, to the latest gadgets, we all run to Amazon to buy what we need. Seems like the tech titan has become part of life—it’s hard to shop without them.

With Amazon’s continuous growth, we can’t help but wonder how big their company is. How many employees have they? How do they…

Astrology Dieting Based on Your Sign

Proper dieting plays a crucial role to maintain a healthy body. Did you know that there are some people who based their diet on Zodiac sign?

For example: If your sign is Pisces (born within February 19 to March 20), you may be prone to inflammation, anemia, and low blood pressure. Hence, you should consume iron-rich foods such as oysters, apricots, and apples.

Another is Scorpio…


Ants are one pesky little creature that can turn your life upside down. Once inside the house they are everywhere, from your wardrobe to kitchen cupboard and bathroom cabinets.

The major problem with ant invasion is that it can destroy everything. If they enter your wardrobe, they destroy the garments. If inside the kitchen, they explore all exposed food items.

They can even enter your shoes and nibble on whatever small things they come across. Not to mention the bites inflicted by ants. Carpenter ants even go to…

Top 13 scariest slots that you can’t miss this Halloween

Halloween is upon us, and on this uniquely terrifying night of the year, many things could happen.

You might want to test out your Halloween Fortune by playing some fun, fast paced slot games online. In this case, why not check out a list of the most popular 13 slot machines, inspired by the creepy holiday we all know and love.

You could meet the Halloweenies, who have some tasty treats to offer when you go Trick or Treat-ing. If their vivid colors don’t put you in a good mood, all the wins brought on by combining the right symbols on the 20 paylines…

When to go on holiday to Mauritius

Due to the paradise island of Mauritius’ location so close to the equator, the country only experiences two seasons: summer and winter. Even in winter temperatures never drop below 21 degrees Celsius. There is a difference of approximately 4.3°C between the two seasons, so depending on whether you want a relaxing beach holiday or a more active escape, choosing the right month for a holiday to Mauritius should be done with care.

Summer in Mauritius runs from November to April, and whilst the temperature is gloriously warm, the summer season is prone…

Should Tony Romo be traded?

The Cowboys signed Tony Romo to a 6 year $108M extension in 2013 with the intention to keep Romo on the roster through the 2019 season. Fast forward through the 2016 season being led by the rookie fourth round pick Dak Prescott. Now Dallas finished the season at 13-3 with Prescott taking home Rookie of the year honors. Now Dallas is trending upward, they still have a huge predicament, about $30M to be exact.

Dallas enters the offseason currently (according to $11 million over the 2017 cap, they have a number of options which put them in a very reasonable situation without touching Tony Romo’s contract. However, they will look to take the hit now and not in 2018 where Zack Martin, La’el Collins, Anthony Hitchens, and DeMarcus Lawrence all await free agency simultaneously.

The Money

If Tony Romo is on the roster this season, he will cost the Cowboys (per $24.7M in 2017 and $25.2M in 2018. While Dak Prescott is on his rookie deal, he is only owed $635K in 2017 and $725K in 2018. Huge difference considering the cost you are getting for the production out of Dak Prescott.

If Romo is a post-June 1 2017 cut, that drops to $10.7 million of dead money in 2017 and $8.9 million of…

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