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How big is Amazon? [Infographic]

How big is Amazon?
Seems like the tech titan has become part of life—it’s hard to shop without them.
How many employees have they?
Who are these hard working and smart people behind the company?
What is their secret to stay motivated and hard working?
According to a 2014 statistics, there are about 244 million active users on
Imagine if half of these users buy or sell simultaneously.
To learn more, check this infographic presented by Buy Box Experts.
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Astrology Dieting Based on Your Sign

Astrology Dieting Based on Your Sign.
Did you know that there are some people who based their diet on Zodiac sign?
For example: If your sign is Pisces (born within February 19 to March 20), you may be prone to inflammation, anemia, and low blood pressure.
Hence, you should consume iron-rich foods such as oysters, apricots, and apples.
Another is Scorpio (October 23 to November 21).
Scorpio people need to consume foods rich in calcium sulphate such as radishes, tomatoes, black cherries, coconuts, and cauliflower.
While some people don’t fully believe, others claim that following what their sign says has helped them maintain a healthy body.
Well, you have nothing to lose if you give it a try.
To view the rest of the signs (there are 12 of them), check this infographic presented by UltraPur Forskolin.
It talks about astrology dieting based on star sign.

Top 13 scariest slots that you can’t miss this Halloween

Top 13 scariest slots that you can’t miss this Halloween.
You might want to test out your Halloween Fortune by playing some fun, fast paced slot games online.
In this case, why not check out a list of the most popular 13 slot machines, inspired by the creepy holiday we all know and love.
If their vivid colors don’t put you in a good mood, all the wins brought on by combining the right symbols on the 20 paylines will.
Wild Witches are far from bringing on Halloween Horrors.
Instead, they are using this Haunted Night to brew up the best elixirs for you to gain profitable chances on the slots.
You can have a fun HalloWin by exploring the dark and creepy House of Scare.
Watch out!
Venture into a post-apocalyptic scenario with this unique free slot, trigger Free Spin Bonuses and make the Nuclear Zombie feature come to life.
You might yell out Trick or Spin!

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