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Why paperwork at your office spends more than you think?

We don’t tend to think of things that aren’t affecting us directly. That is why we don’t pay enough attention to CO2 pollution, destroying new species and entire forests, making things worse everyday. Sure, we think, the state of problem is exaggerated, and it’s all just a media hysteria. Well, it’s not. That’s why PDF Expert team has come up with some shocking facts about the ways people destroy nature (without even knowing) and how you can start fighting that in your company right now. To make it simpler, we took an average american company of up to 30 employees.

How to choose a Flat Iron to offer

You are looking for a Flatiron to offer to your girlfriend, your mother, your sister…? And you want to make sure you choose the right one? This guide will share tips for choosing the right straightener for everyone on your list.

  • Match the flat iron to the hair type. Most hair straighteners will do a great job on easy to manage hair that is straight and thin, but you need to make sure the flat iron will avoid damaging the hair. A versatile flat iron that offers adjustable heat and is a great choice for all hair types is the stylehouse flat iron. Also take…

Why Do Projects Fail?

Knowing how to identify and counteract any potential problems in project management are the top issues most businesses are having. And just a small fraction of them are having the maximum success in solving them. As few as 3% of all businesses manage to complete 100% of their projects. But why is that? Why do projects fail?

Some of the most common hurdles tackled by businesses in 2016 are actually very surprising. For example, almost half of all businesses fail to realize the significance of project management. This kind of outlook on the future, in…

University or a Training Course with The Training Room

University costs can be extortionate, while a course with The Training Room will lead you to turn your passion into a viable career in less than one third of the time!

This infographic outlines the radical differences in both cost and lifestyle between attending university and taking part in a course with us here at The Training Room. At The Training Room we offer a one off course fee, that usually includes your learning materials, while at university, your course fees often span a 3 year period not including learning materials as well as being quite demanding.

Another factor we considered when laying out the differences in the above infographic was accommodation and living costs. While…

Avoid the Harmful Effects of Dietary Lectins

The internet is ripe with foods we should or shouldn’t eat such as fat, sugar and salt. However there are properties in food that has not received as much attention. These are dietary lectins.

What are lectins? Lectins are proteins found in some foods that can have harmful effects on our body. They cannot be digested and end up in our bloodstream resulting in symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. These are the signs of food poisoning.

There are ways to protect ourselves. It starts with understanding which foods contain…

Drinking Coffee to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Drinking coffee can do more for your health than just a stimulant to keep you awake. There are several compounds found in coffee that help you control your weight.


Caffeine is in coffee and if you look at diet supplements, you will likely find it as part of the ingredients. Researchers have found that caffeine stimulates the nervous system and increases our metabolism. Our metabolism dictates how much calories we burn while we are at rest. Hence by increasing the metabolism, caffeine allows us to burn more fat without having…

Holiday Hazards

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, sandals are being traded in for snow boots and dark evenings are illuminated by holiday lights and displays. But with all the magic the holidays bring, there are some dangers that lurk in the festive shadows. In fact, more people die during the holidays than during any other period of the year.

Make sure you aren’t caught off guard by Christmas tree fires or parade balloons gone awry. This infographic details just a few of the dangers that pose a threat…

Dragon-Themed Slot Machines

Even if you don’t watch Game of Thrones, I bet you’ve heard at least once about dragons in a legend, a fantasy story or even in a movie or a cartoon. You probably know that these mystical creatures fall into different categories, from cultural symbols to protectors of some humans who possess special abilities. Slot games developers took advantage of the popularity of dragons and they included them in…

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