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How Nightstand Mode Works on the Apple Watch

Did you know your Apple Watch can double as a bedside clock while it’s charging? It’s called Nightstand mode, but there are some caveats you should know about before you get rid of your traditional alarm clock.

What Is Nightstand Mode?

When you put your Apple Watch on its charger and place it upright, it will automatically go into Nightstand Mode, which switches the screen from your usual watch face to a big digital clock that takes up the whole screen. This is to mimic what a traditional bedside clock would normally do.

Then, when you take your watch off of the charger, it will automatically exit Nightstand Mode and go back to displaying your normal watch face.

Most of the time, your watch can sit upright when it’s connected to the charger, but if the specific wristband you have doesn’t allow you to do this, you can buy a cheap Apple Watch charging dock that sit your watch upright for Nightstand Mode instead.

How to Enable and Disable Nightstand Mode

Nightstand Mode is already enabled by default when you first set up your…

The 5 Best Smart Alarm Clocks

Waking up is hard to do. That’s why you need a smart alarm clock to help you sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

What is a smart alarm clock?

A smart alarm clock has features that can improve your wake-up routine. This bedside upgrade can help you get up on the right side of the bed every morning. Each intelligent alarm clock is different, so some will help you fall asleep while others track and promote better sleep cycles. Some even use lighting technology to help gently wake you up.

Top 5 smart alarm clocks

WITTI BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock

The WITTI BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock Speaker with Smart Home Integration is a fully funded Kickstarter project with more than 20 features. It focuses on waking you up naturally, starting with a large sunrise-simulated wake-up light on the backside that slowly turns on and gradually brightens before your alarm clock sounds. Once the alarm is turned off, an automated voice can tell you the weather forecast and traffic updates. It can also generate white noise (with various sound settings) to help you sleep better.

The app-enabled alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker integrates with apps like Uber, Spotify, Nest, and Phillips Hue. It is SmartHome ready, so it can play your favorite music, set your Nest, and even make your coffee. You can customize the three top smart alarm buttons with whichever services you like, so you can easily control smart devices around your home. This will allow you to automate tasks, so you can start your mornings off right and get out the door faster.

It comes with two USB charging ports, so you can simultaneously charge your smartphone and tablet. The easy-to-use app-controlled alarm clock has auto time sync and allows you to set up to four different alarms for specific days of the week with your ideal alarm sound or music, alarm volume, and snooze duration. It is highly reviewed and recommended by countless sites like Business Insider, Digital Trends, Maxim, and CNET. The WITTI Design BEDDI Style Smart Alarm Clock is another highly recommended option from the trusted brand.

Philips Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation

If you’re OK with spending a bit more on your new smart alarm clock, then you won’t find better than the Philips Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation. It uses a unique combination of natural light and sound that simulates a real sunrise, which stimulates your body to naturally, gradually wake up. Philips…

Wake Up to a Chorus of Bird Songs With This Mobile Alarm App

No matter where you live, you can wake up to the sweet warbles of songbirds. The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Studio has released an alarm clock app to wake you up with the birdsong of your choice, as Hyperallergic reports.

Dawn Chorus came out of an effort to create a museum app that would be useful to people every day, not just on days they visit. What the developers came up with was an alarm clock that draws on the collection of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

The audio featured on the app comes from birds that are native to western Pennsylvania, all sourced from the Macaulay Library, a Cornell-based archive of multimedia…