The Religious Feud in England Over Asparagus

Great to see Asparagus being venerated in such a way at the Church of England!

— Julie Bishnope (@juliebishnope) April 28, 2017

This past Sunday, April 23rd, churchgoers at England’s Worcester Cathedral were treated to an unusually fragrant and spiky service. To kick off the annual Asparagus Festival, the church decided to dedicate a few minutes of mass to a ceremonial blessing of this unique vegetable.

During the ceremony, a man in a suit and tie carried a bundle of the vegetable to the front of the church, the Telegraph reports. He was followed by Gus the Asparagus Man—a man costumed as a spear of asparagus, and a frequent sight at Asparagus Festival…

Flush Your “Weight” Out! 10 Food and Drinks That Really Help To Ease Your Water Weight!

Yes, you look like you have gained 10 pounds during sleep.

Have you ever got a panic attack when you saw the drastic increased number on your scale, and then realise you lose all those weight in just a couple days? You might have thought you got some weird metabolic disease, but this symptom could have simply just caused by water. What you have gained is not fat weight, but water weight.

What is Water Weight? Does That Mean I am Fat?

Different from fat weight, you could gain 2 to 4 pounds of water weight in the course of a day. It is basically just a shift of your body’s fluid status. It could be caused by multiple of reasons, including premenstrual symptoms, lack of dietary protein, excess consumption of salt, side effect of medication, or even weather. For most of the times this gain will just last for a few days and is unharmful to your body.

So How to Flush That Out?

In case you would like to control your water weight so that you won’t suddenly look swelled for a couple days, making some changes in your diet could be a very effective way. Here are 10 diuretic food and drinks that could help you flush out the excess water weight in your body.

Water kills water- Drinking “the right amount” is key

This might sound very counterintuitive,…