Adam West’s Five Best Batman Moments

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With the sad news of Adam West‘s passing, it seemed like a good time to remember the best moments of his most iconic role, that of the 1960’s Batman.

A list like this could easily encompass more than 5 of course, but there are a few that stand out as the best of the bunch. That said, everyone will have their favorite moments, and with so many, it is hard to believe that the show only ran for three years.

Adam West brought a palatable charm and dry wit to his voice as Batman, something that makes these scenes even better.

Without further ado, here are the top five best Adam West Batman moments, starting with one of his most iconic adversaries Catwoman, played by the ravishing Julie Newmar.

Starting with one of Batman and Robin’s most consistently entertaining foes, Julie Newmar’s Catwoman managed to put Batman in quite the scenario.

In their typical battles, Catwoman’s henchmen would do most of her bidding, with Catwoman leaping in on occasion. This time she manages to apprehend Batman in a closed off cell with a very hungry Tiger.

Yep, Batman fights a Tiger.

Trying to avoid the Tiger’s lunges proves difficult for Batman, so he reaches into his utility belt to grab some Bat claws and uses them to climb high on the walls, barely out of the Tiger’s reach.

Using his ingenuity (and Marry Poppins-like belt) he puts on a pair of special Bat-ear-plugs and uses his Bat-communicator (also located in his belt) to reverse the frequency and create a pitch that all but subdues the caged animal.

The best part? That would be when in the midst of trying to save his own life he chides Catwoman for not taking care of her pet.

You can view the video here.


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