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Want Fast Charging? Don’t Use Your Car’s USB Ports

If you have a relatively new car, it probably has a USB port in the dashboard, glove box, or center console. So naturally, you should just use them to charge your devices, right? Not so fast: if you want speedy charging, those built-in ports just don’t cut it.

Unfortunately, the built-in ports in your car are pretty anemic when it comes to amperage. As we discussed in detail in our guide to choosing a USB charging station for your home, amperage is king. The lower the amperage, the longer it takes to charge a device (and the more difficult it is to maintain a charge if the device is in use). The higher the amperage, the faster you can charge your device (and keep it topped off while using it).

The problem with built-in automotive ports is that they don’t deliver enough juice to keep modern power-hungry phones, tablets, and other devices on and charging. We measured multiple vehicles with a USB voltage/amperage meter and found that the data port in the dash (commonly used to hook up a USB drive or phone to play music) offered a very weak 0.5A output. While that’s enough to power up your USB drive full of MP3s, it’s barely enough to trickle charge an iPhone and maintain the current battery level—if you’re using the phone for navigation, a notorious battery hog, it’s…

9 Mother’s Day Gifts To Boost Your Mom’s Tech-cessory Game

Go beyond the traditional brunch and bouquet this Mother’s Day by giving the moms in your life useful tech accessories that will take their favorite activities to the next level. Easy-to-use gadgets offer the perfect complement to the hobbies that your mom already enjoys, whether she’s a world traveler or an expert entertainer. So why not upgrade her day-to-day life with a gift that puts the fun back in functional?

We’ve partnered with Verizon to match the right tech-cessory with all the great kinds of moms out there. Show your mom know how much you love her by giving her a gift that complements her favorite activities. These accessories are featured in great Mother’s Day promotions running at Verizon, so all the last-minute shoppers can rest assured that there’s still time to find a thoughtful gift for Mom.

Moms who are known to host epic dinner parties or beachside barbecues will appreciate a powerful Bluetooth® speaker that can easily be transported around the house, yard, or wherever she’s hosting. Consider the UE BOOM 2, which features a powerful Bluetooth® range of up to 100 feet and the 360-degree design emits surround-sound quality music and deep bass beats that are sure to get the party started. With a hearty 15-hour battery life and an app that lets you play DJ from afar, the UE BOOM 2 is a great gift for the moms who like to make sure their guests are always having a good time.

Moms who wake up bright and early to break a sweat will appreciate upgraded headphones that streamline workouts. The Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones are lightweight and feature a design that stays secure during workouts. These Bluetooth-pairing earphones make changing the music or accepting calls on almost any smartphone while on-the-go easier than ever. The Powerbeats3 are sweat resistant and waterproof—a welcome upgrade for anyone who has ever had to adjust sweaty earbuds mid-run or been distracted by dangling cords. A great pair of Lebron James approved earphones is a surefire way to boost your mom’s daily cardio session.

Chic moms will approve of the subtle yet sophisticated design of a fitness tracker like the Fitbit Alta HR. The slim, high-tech wearable fitness tracker keeps track of steps, calories, sleep and activity minutes while logging real-time stats into the smartphone app for five days at a time between charges. But it’s the tracker’s versatility that will appeal most to the fashionable moms in your life. She can swap the tracker with interchangeable wristbands that come in various colors to coordinate with any outfit or occasion, making fitness tracking fun again!

Give mom the gift of peace of mind with home security…

Anker’s New Battery Pack Is One of the First With USB-C Power Delivery

Ever since laptops and game consoles started launching with USB-C charging, the promise to effectively infinite battery life with the help of USB battery packs has been tantalizingly close, and yet so far away.

While just about any battery pack can trickle charge an Apple MacBook or a Nintendo Switch while they aren’t in use, very few include the USB-C Power Delivery standard that enables full speed charging. But Anker’s looking to change that with the new PowerCore+ 26800, the latest iteration of your favorite line of USB battery packs.

This massive battery pack’s USB-C port can output up to 30W at four different…