How to Adjust Volume and Brightness in One Gesture on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

At first, I thought the new MacBook Pro touch bar was actively worse than a traditional keyboard for adjusting volume or brightness. After all, with keys you can turn the volume up or down with a quick tap. From what I saw of the touch bar you needed to tap the volume button, then adjust the slider that appears. A tap, followed by a tap-and-move motion.

I was wrong. There’s a gesture that lets you adjust volume or brightness in one quick motion, though it’s hard to stumble upon if you don’t know it’s there. Just tap and hold either function in the Control Strip , then move your hand to the left or the right. The level will adjust, without you ever lifting your finger.

It’s a little weird at first,…

How to Adjust the Brightness of Google Wifi’s LED Lights

If you’ve jumped on the Google Wifi train (or at least been considering it), then you know there are a lot of reasons to love Google’s mesh network setup. And as helpful as the indicator lights are to let you know everything is powered up and running smoothly, they can also be a distraction. Here’s how to turn them off.

That’s right, no need for electrical tape here—Google Wifi actually has a feature that lets you turn the lights off from the app. If you have multiple Wifi units in your home, you can control each one individually, which is a nice touch on Google’s part. That way, you can completely disable the light on the unit in sensitive areas like…