A Mechanical Laser Show with 3D-Printed Cams and Gears

Everyone knows how to make a POV laser display — low-mass, first-surface mirrors for the X- and Y-axes mounted on galvanometers driven rapidly to trace out the pattern. [Evan Stanford] found a simpler way, though: a completely mechanical laser show from 3D-printed parts.

The first 10 seconds of the video below completely explains how [Evan] accomplished this build. A pair of custom cams wiggles the laser pointer through the correct sequences of coordinates…

Four Clever Uses for Your Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is a simple-to-use security camera for everyone. However, if you’ve got one laying around, you can use it for a lot more than deterring criminals. Here are some uncommon, but useful things you can do with your Nest Cam.

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Watch for Package Deliveries

Amazon might give you an anxiety-inducing tracker to tell you when your package arrives, but you’d feel better getting expensive stuff delivered to your door if you could see it for yourself. Point a Nest Cam outside your door and you can see when your packages arrive. Once it shows up, you can check your camera from work to make sure it’s safe, undamaged, and not stolen.

You can also set up Nest Cam to send you a notification when it detects motion (like your package being delivered). Open your Nest app and turn on notifications in Settings. You can choose to only send notifications when you’re not home, or any time. Subscribers who pay for Nest Aware can even set up Activity Zones to watch a specific part of the camera for movement. If you want to make sure your stuff isn’t sitting out for longer than necessary, this is incredibly handy.

Keep An Eye On Your Pets

You love your adorable little ball of fur, but every hour you’re away from home (and half the ones you aren’t), you know they could be destroying something. Or peeing on something. Or eating something they’re going to puke up later. You might not be able to stop everything they do, but it…