Cashback reward program

Amazon Will Now Give You 2% Cash Back for Paying With Your Debit Card

Amazon wants to reward you for buying stuff from them, but there’s a catch: you have to use your debit card and transfer cash into an Amazon account. It’s not that complicated, but here’s what you should know about the new Amazon Reload program.

First, you have to be an Amazon Prime customer. Then, you link your bank account and debit card to Amazon (you’ll also need your driver’s license). From there, you load money onto a virtual Amazon Gift Card. You can choose any amount you wish. Now you have a gift card balance and when you pay for Amazon purchases with that balance, you’ll get a 2% cash back bonus on all your purchases. It’s not a bad deal if you buy a lot of stuff on Amazon anyway.

However, some have pointed out that Amazon is just making another move to become your bank. Last year, they partnered with…