Man Tearfully Reunites With Blind, 20-Year-Old Lost Cat After Months Apart

Raymond McNamara was vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his cat, Lily, when the unthinkable happened.

McNamara and Lily were strolling along together on Feb. 11 when suddenly she disappeared near a construction site, according to WSVN TV. Usually, Lily would follow McNamara wherever he went.

McNamara contacted local authorities who helped search for her, but no one could find her.

It didn’t help that Lily is blind, deaf and 20 years old. Eventually, McNamara returned home to California, fearing he would never see his cat again.

Months later, there’s a happier tale: Lily has been found, and she and McNamara were reunited on May 19.

Amazingly, the cat wasn’t too far from where she had been lost, according to Kathy Bieniek of…

This Tinder Match Brought Together a Couple – And Two Long-Lost Cat Brothers

This is a great story that really tugs at the heartstrings. This is Brian and Cathleen. They matched on Tinder last year.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Petaluma Animal Services

On their first date, Cathleen noticed a white and tabby cat at Brian’s house. Cathleen immediately thought Brian’s cat, Butter, looked just like her own cat, Ozzy.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Petaluma Animal Services

After some discussion, Cathleen and Brian figured…

The Household Chemical That Might Be Killing Cats

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Evolution can be a hard process to figure out. Rooting out pseudoscience and conjecture from credible science proves difficult. Understanding the biological utility of certain features might take decades to reverse engineer; speculating on direct ancestral lines is equally confounding. Family trees look more like a tangle of roots than the pretty flowers blossoming atop.

Oxford doctoral student Carlos Driscoll took a decade to figure out the ancestral lines of the domesticated house cat. When his data were all in he was shocked: every single cat today derives from one line, Felis silvestris. It appears that the agricultural revolution roughly 11,000 years ago not only changed humanity, but feline life as well.

We often consider domestication a forced process, though it appears cats chose us. If the goal is continuing the genetic line then their success rate is incredible. Today six hundred million cats roam the earth. More cats are born each day in the United States than lions remaining in the wilderness, writes journalist Abigail Tucker, a number she puts at twenty thousand.

This does not bode well for lions, or cheetahs, or panthers, or any of the remaining felines left in the few forests supporting them. House cats are another story. When humans stopped their nomadic chases they formed large-scale farms. Cities started popping up. Cats appear to have said, well, fine, I’ll take this box here provided you also feed me and scratch me when needed, an arrangement that sums up our relationship today.

Yet for a long time humans were meat for cats. Unlike other animals that eat a variety of foods, cats are hypercarnivores. They don’t have the stomach for vegetables. They’ll die if deprived of protein, plenty of it; that’s what nature does to an animal with no predators. Your finicky cat has a genetic history of food snobbery.

As much as cats have taken over the internet with the same voracity they conquered our homes, we’re not always kind to them. Take cat hyperthyroidism, as reported in the NY Times last week. Whereas this disease was unheard of just forty years ago, today roughly 10 percent of senior cats suffer from this disease, as Emily Anthes writes.

A steady drumbeat of research links the strange feline disease to a common class of flame retardants that…

Dog Finds Missing Cat Hiding In the Floor 2 Months After House Fire

Christine Marr had become resigned to the fact that her cat Ringer probably perished in the family’s house fire two months ago – but thanks to her dog’s keen sense of smell, she learned that the cat had some of his nine lives left.

Christine and her husband took their dog Chloe to visit the remains of the charred home on Sunday. When they arrived, the pup began acting strangely.

For starters, Chloe was erratically sniffing all over the house’s framework. Then, she started dashing around the home and scratching at a certain spot on the floorboards.

WATCH: Dog Hailed as Hero After Bear Starts Chasing Humans

Bewildered, the couple tried to pull the dog away, but she kept returning to the same spot. Christine’s husband finally pulled the boards back and shined a…

Dog Finds Missing Cat Hiding In Floor, 2 Months After House Fire

A missing cat that was believed to have perished in a house fire is being called a little “miracle” after being found beneath the fire-ravaged home’s floor, two months later.

Ringer the cat was found malnourished but alive thanks to the family’s pet dog, who sniffed him out during the canine’s first return to the property on Sunday, the owner told HuffPost.

“They’re buddies. They’ve been buddies since day one,” owner Christine Marr, told HuffPost of her two rescue pets ― Ringer, 4, and Chloe, 5, the dog.

Chloe was exploring the now-gutted South Haven home, which caught fire from a space heater. Then some casual sniffing led to some strange behavior, Marr said.

Ringer the cat and Chloe the dog are seen together after surviving the March house fire.

“She’s running around the house and she’s sniffing all the corners,” Marr described Chloe. “And then she went to another part of the house and she started licking the floor and scratching at it. I thought, OK, that’s weird.”

They pulled the dog away from the floor three times, but each time she returned. Realizing something was up, Marr said she got a flashlight and shined it into a hole near the floor, “and I heard a faint meow.”

“I figured it was a stray,” she said, as there were several outside the house that she had cared for.

She went to get cat food as bait and upon her return saw her husband petting and studying a bony black cat in total silence.

Chloe the dog and Ringer the cat are seen together again.

“I’m thinking nothing of it,” she said of her reaction, figuring that the cat was another all black stray. Then she…

Cat Mom Who Lost Her Kittens Right Before Mother’s Day Saves A Little Orphan Furball

Meet Flame, the sick kitten who was taken to the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) and needed a miracle to survive – and that miracle came in the form of Ember, a very special mamma cat. Just a week before Mother’s Day, the older feline experienced a tragedy when all her newborn kitties died. “She had lost all of her babies,” Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications for AHS, told The Dodo, ”but not her motherly instinct.” So, when the time came for Ember to meet Flame, the sick kitten, it’s no surprise that she started showering the tiny thing with love.

“The two had an immediate bond,” Hill said. “The grieving mom immediately took to the tiny kitten, grooming him, cuddling him and letting him nurse.”

Both the mother and…

Owner Surprised After Taking Her Cat To A Groomer

Meet Jin Jin, the Persian kitty who recently became the victim of one of the most epic hairdresser mishaps ever. As is quite typical with long-haired cats, Jin Jin’s owner Xie Qian Qian makes sure the cat gets shaved every once in a while. This is supposed to keep the cat cool and bring less hair to the house. Jin Jin would always return from the hairdresser with an adorable lion-style cut, with the fur on his head and tail being mostly untouched. Not this time, though…

A few months ago, when Jin Jin was supposed to have an appointment with a hairdresser, his owner was too busy to take the kitty there and asked her friend to drop him off. When she arrived to pick him up, the woman was completely taken aback – Jin Jin’s…

10+ Comics By Lulu VanHoagland That Purrfectly Capture Life With Cats

Cats are often mysterious and unexplainable creatures, but thanks to webcomic artist and crazy cat lady Lulu VanHoagland, we finally have a small window into what might be going on inside those furry little heads.

The American artist, whose real name is Theresa Hoagland, started her Boober comic series – which takes the name of her own furbaby – back in January, and it’s been steadily picking up steam since then. Averaging up to 90 likes per post, readers identify with Hoagland’s frank and honest depiction of what it feels like to live with a feline, or in her case, multiple. Hoagland has even managed to open an Etsy shop, where she sells buttons and brooches inspired by her art.

With cats now reigning supreme as…

30+ Brutal Life Truths Told By Cute Cats Are Here To Crush Your Soul

A lot of facts about our lives (like the lack of control over it and the inevitable death afterwards) are tough to swallow, so it’s best you learn about them from somebody soft and fluffy. Luckily, there’s a tumblr, dedicated to using cats to deliver heavy information. It’s called Hard Truths From Soft Cats, and it helps to carry the burden of existence.

Some of these messages are objectively true and some are subjectively false but the collection of these images can be described as a healthy introduction to pessimism. American philosopher and psychologist William James came up with the equation: happiness = expectations / reality. According to it, there are two ways to live a happier life…

Google Is Surreptitiously Making Amazing Movies From People’s Cat Photos

If you use Google Photos, you’ve probably experienced the app’s “assistant” feature taking the liberty of creating suggested collages, stories or mini-movies out of your pictures.

If you’re like most people, you usually ignore these suggestions.

If you’re a cat lover, however, you may be getting a suggestion soon that you definitely won’t want to ignore. That’s because Google may be making you a “Meow Movie.”

“I got a notification on my phone last night,” writer Courtney Gillette told HuffPost in an email. “It was from my Google Photos app, and it said, ‘Your Meow Movie is ready.’” The notification included a happy cat face emoji, she said.

A “Meow Movie” is, well, what you might expect. And the soundtrack is pretty top-notch, so turn up the volume.

Gillette was psyched. “Who doesn’t like an excuse to…