Meet Molly, The First Dog Trained To Find And Rescue Missing Cats

A two-year-old Cocker Spaniel is the world’s first cat detection dog.

Meet Molly.

molly pet detective dog
ThePetDetective / Facebook

Molly works for The Pet Detectives, based in Guildford, England. Her job is to rescue missing felines.

Firm director Colin Butcher came up with the idea in 2014 due to the dozens of phone calls he was getting a week about missing cats.

“I worked in the police as a detective inspector for many years, and had seen dogs search for drugs and bombs and help with murder investigations,” Butcher said. “I figured, if a dog can be trained to find amphetamines, then it can be trained to find cats.”

molly pet detective dog
ThePetDetective / Facebook

Butcher rescued…

What Happens When a Town Votes For a Dog or Cat to Be Mayor?

Jack T. asks: What happens when a town votes to make a cat or something mayor? Surely the cat needs an assistant, right? Do they have official duties? Salary? Do they pay taxes? How do the townspeople actually take care of things the mayor should be doing? Inquiring minds want to know.


We’ve talked before about animals who’ve gone above and beyond what you’d normally expect animals to be capable of like that cat that works for the British government and a baboon who worked as a (surprisingly good) signalman for a railway company. In each case special accommodations were made for the animals to better help them do their duties; but what accommodations are made when an animal has, shall we say, higher aspirations and enters the world of politics? As it turns out, not all that many.

This is largely because, in every example of an animal being elected to office we could find, the position the animal held was ceremonial in nature. And in perhaps the most famous case, saying the animal is even the honorary mayor is somewhat of a stretch. Case in point, you may have heard of Stubbs, a cat who has supposedly been the elected mayor of a small town in Alaska called Talkeetna since 1997. There are several variations of Stubbs’ story though the most commonly touted version is that Stubbs became mayor after residents, dissatisfied with the human candidates running for office, elected him as a write in candidate.

In actuality Stubbs holds no official position; the whole him-being-mayor-thing is, as one Alaskan resident bluntly put it, “a PR scam”. Stubbs was never elected on any write-in ballot because there was never an election in the first place. Stubbs isn’t the elected mayor, or even the elected honorary mayor. He’s a marketing stunt perpetrated by the townsfolk of Talkeetna thanks to a small, but thriving cottage industry that has sprung up around their most famous feline resident.

Along with some stores selling souvenirs with Stubbs’ face on them, the town has also seen an uptick in tourism to the tune of 30 or 40 people a day hoping to meet the “mayor”. In other words, it’s in the best interests of Talkeetna to play up to the notoriety of being a town with an elected feline mayor.

A similar story is that of Bosco Ramos, a black lab rottweiler mix who was genuinely elected mayor of an unincorporated census-designated place in California called Sunol in 1981, serving in the role for 13 years until his death. How he got into the job in the first place was simply that his owner thought the whole thing would be funny, so entered him in the race under the platform “Dogs are People Too” and with campaign promises including, “A bone in every dish, a cat in every tree, and a fire hydrant on every corner.”

Unlike Stubbs, Bosco…

This Cat Has Been Waiting In Shelter For More Than 400 Days, So The Staff Came Up With A Plan

This patient little fellow has been living in Animal Welfare League for over a year. That’s more than 400 days, and it’s certainly 400 days too long to live without a family, so the shelter’s staff came up with a brilliant adoption campaign idea.

Champas the cat arrived at the Animal Welfare League (NSW, Australia) back in December 2015. He was super shy, hiding in the shelter’s corners and shadows, avoiding the slightest interaction with anyone.

Since then, many animals were adopted, but people kept passing Champas. The staff over at Animal Welfare League decided to boost his adoption chances by making him socialize more, so they assigned Champas as a feline receptionist, working at the front desk.

This marked the beginning of a new era. Meeting more and more people, Champas realized not all of them are bad. The kitty grew to love shelter’s visitors and started purring for their attention….

10+ Hairless Cat Photos That Will Remind You Of Aliens

In 2013, Catalan photographer Alicia Rius discovered the hairless cats (Sphynx) and since then, they became her obsession. She would look for cat models in Craigslist, Facebook and asking around.

After her work went viral in 2015, she has devoted much time to create a complete, solid body of work around the breed called “The Disturbing Beauty of the Sphynx Cat”, a series of photos where she explores the breed’s beauty within their oddity.

“A cat without that protective coat, allows me to recognize and experience each emotion and sensation the Sphynx cat is experiencing, as it was exposed on its raw, naked flesh,” she explains.

In the end, she wants the reader “to be complete with an…

Spaying/Neutering Is Up, Animal Populations In Shelters Are Down Across The U.S.

It’s good news for dog and cat enthusiasts.

The U.S. has seen a massive increase in the number of spay or neutering procedures as outreach and subsidization programs.

animal shelter good news

Right now, there are around 12.6 million spay/neuter surgeries performed on cats and dogs every year according to the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs. Most shelters also have requirements that any adopted animal be spayed or neutered immediately after adoption, or the shelter sets up the surgery…

Stray Cat Brings Her Babies To Campers Who Fed Them

What seemed like an ordinary father and son’s camping trip took a cute turn when a stray cat came to their camp. The guys quickly made friends with the feline but weren’t really prepared for a starving visitor, so they improvised and caught a bluegill for a cat to feast on. But then… the cat just vanished. Until the next morning that is, when it came back bearing gifts.

“A couple hours later I wake up to some noise and go outside to check. Now instead of two eyes staring at me, I see eight glowing eyes reflecting the light from my phone,” Michael said on Imgur. Mom brought the cutest trio of kittens when she felt comfortable introducing them to the guys.

“The next morning we caught over 13 bluegills and a couple of catfish. Let’s just say by the end of the day the momma cat was stuffed.” The cat and the kittens felt right at home with their new human friends: “There is no way this…

Why Your Cat Loves Small Spaces

Image from rtuckernc.

Cats don’t just like small spaces, they love them. From Amazon boxes to grocery bags to the tiny gap between the bottom of your couch and the floor. They’ll even curl up in a square of tape on the floor! But why is your cat so attracted to these small spaces?

The answer has to do with the security and protection that these places offer, and regardless of if they’re truly safe or not, it’s about how…

Guy Demonstrates The Method He Used To Train His Cat To Walk On A Leash

I once semi-successfully trained my cat to walk around my backyard on a leash- he would walk around okay for a while, and even climb trees here and there while tethered to me below. But you could tell he was holding back, and it only made him want to run away more when the leash was off.

My mission to leash my cat would have been more successful had I watched these videos by Doug Meyers of Berkeley, California, and then I could have taken my cat everywhere just like he does.

IKEA Donates Doll Beds For Shelter Cats, And It’s Just Too Adorable

Until recently, kitties at the Etobicoke Humane Society in Ontario would sleep on the “cold, hard floor” – well, not anymore, cause IKEA has just donated 10 doll beds for the cats and made a $300 contribution towards the brighter future of the shelter pets. “Our floors are easy to clean but not terribly comfortable to lay on. Now cats like Catsby and Frankie have beds of their own to curl up in,” the humane society posted on Tuesday.

IKEA doesn’t sell pet furniture as such, but some people discovered that their Duktig Doll Beds are…

Cosplaying Cat Chef Dines With His Mom Every Night In Different Outfit

Meet Maro the cat, the cutest dinner date ever. Since this Japan-based kitty was 7 months old, he has lived with his human mother Rie Matsui. Matsui is passionate about photography and Japanese food culture. So, as soon as she realized that Maro is such a relaxed cat who is ok with almost anything as long as he gets to hang out with his human, the woman came up with a brilliant idea. She started dressing up Maro in the cutest outfits and taking pictures of her feline as her dinner companion. “He is great at posing, because he’s so quiet and easygoing,” Rie Matsui told The Dodo.

Maro’s Instagram is not only perfect to get your daily dose of cute, it also…