Christmas and holiday season

Take A Look At this Collection Of Wintry Cosplay Photos

(Winter Wonderland Lulu cosplay by Nimdra)

Cosplayers already look cool when they’re strutting around in costume, except for those rare awkward moments when their costumes clash with their surroundings, but posing for cosplay photos in the snow is the coolest!

But cosplaying in the snow requires a different kind of commitment than Con cosplay, and those cosplayers who decide to pose for a themed shoot in the winter know they have to go big.

For example- you can’t ride a horse into a convention (Ellie from The Last Of Us cosplay by EndureSurvivor)

And a horse can complete a cosplay like no prop ever could (Ellie from The Last Of Us cosplay by EndureSurvivor)

Con cosplay also limits your use of props, because nobody wants to carry around a giant, and often fragile, prop all day while they navigate through a sea of bodies (Winter Wonderland Orianna from League Of Legends by Lulu Cosplay)

And Cons don’t properly capture the feeling of the winter holiday season like a trip to a mall all decked out for Christmas, where the decor makes cosplay photos that much more magical (Winter cosplay gathering by ourlivinglegacy)

Many pop culture characters have a winter version or wardrobe (Winter Baroness from G.I. Joe cosplay by Katy DeCobray of the Canadian cosplay team Cobra North)

And some winter cosplay outfits only make sense when the cosplayer is surrounded by snow (Winter Fairy by

Lightning Cosplay)

The snow also makes romantic scenes feel more heartfelt (Inquisitor Lavellan and Empress Celene Valmont from Dragon Age by Eliot Rose and Anthony Cedillo, photography by John Newman)

And it makes battles between typically city bound superfolks look stone cold awesome (Captain America vs. Winter Soldier cosplay by


But the snow also makes horror scenes…

14 Offbeat Holidays To Celebrate This December

Whether you’re a holiday season fanatic who wants even more to celebrate, or a Scrooge with a burning desire to buck tradition, we’ve got plenty of unconventional observances to put on your calendar.

Let’s face it: If you want to look like the woman above come December 25, you’re going to need some help. Give a tip of the (Santa) hat on this day to the many salespeople who make your gift-giving look easy.


There’s a lot to be done between now and the end of the year. Take a minute to breathe, relax, and take in a soak.
If you’re anything like us, your cookies won’t look like these perfectly-piped confections. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter.

This day doesn’t just celebrate the festive flower—it also marks the death of its namesake, Joel Roberts Poinsett. The botanist (and first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico) brought clippings of Euphorbia pulcherrima back to the States from southern Mexico, and grew the plant at his South Carolina home.

You’re probably a cat herder yourself from time to time. This day is for you.