41 Photos Of Boys With Dolls That Prove Gender Doesn’t Belong In The Toy Aisle

At HuffPost Parents, we believe all toys are for any child who wants to play with them.

While some may still see dolls as a “girl toy,” there are plenty of boys out there who adore their baby dolls, Barbies and stuffed friends. And it’s not only OK ― it’s downright adorable.

So we asked the HuffPost Parents community to share their cutest photos of their sons with their dolls, and we’re sharing our favorites with you below.

  • Carrie Biney/Facebook

    “Ever concerned with child development and representation, my awesome mom made sure to not only get my son Benjamin a doll, but a doll of color. ‘My baby!’”

  • Dani Horne/Facebook
  • Bess Given Grant/Facebook

    “My son loves his ‘Babyzilla’! When my daughter was given a doll for her birthday, my son wanted one as well, and I had absolutely no problem with that! He loves to rock his baby, put his baby down for a nap, and ‘change’ his baby!”

  • Kayli Schaaf/Facebook

    “I’m sure someone will find something wrong with the car seat straps, but I love this picture of my son at 2. My daughter plays with that doll now, but he picked it out long before she was here.”

  • Amy Wenzel/Facebook

    “My sweet 16-year-old son has autism and LOVES Disney Princesses. He sleeps with nine princesses and a cat. Even with a queen size bed there’s not much room for him! He doesn’t care about gender stereotypes, but his other interests have always been typical ‘boy’ things. It’s only the last two years that he’s gotten into princesses. One nice thing about autism is that he is oblivious to societal ‘standards’ and is free to love whatever he loves without paying attention to what he is ‘supposed’ to like. His other interests include elevators, doors, and every kind of vehicle, especially garbage trucks and trains.”

  • Karen Gearon/Facebook

    “He used to wear his baby like I wore his brother and this picture always makes me melt, even though it’s three years old now.”

  • Melissa Borruso Rice/Facebook

    “This is my 5-year-old son Winston and his Wonder Crew doll ‘Winston Jr.’ He brings him everywhere! Winston is a triplet with 2 sisters, so has been around dolls since he was born & the idea that dolls are for ‘girls only’ has never even occurred to him. He loves to play soccer and golf with Winston Jr. and I love watching all 3 of my kids play ‘mommy and daddy’ and ‘school’ all together with their dolls. I know Winston will be…

Amazon launches Prime Wardrobe to eat the fashion industry

Amazon today launched Prime Wardrobe, a service like Trunk Club and other online retailers that lets you order clothes and return them free if they don’t live up to your expectations. Prime Wardrobe offers a little twist, however: The more you keep, the more you save. Keep four items in your box and get 10 percent off. Save five or more and receive 20 percent off. Boxes are resealable and come with a shipping label.

Amazon is currently testing Prime Wardrobe, so the service can’t be used to order clothes just yet, though you can

Women Recovering From Eating Disorders Can Receive Free Fitted Clothes, Thanks to Former Patient

Recovering from an eating disorder is no easy journey – that’s why this nonprofit wants to take some of the burden off of women’s shoulders.

The Garment Project is the only organization that helps empower women healing from eating disorders by rebuilding their wardrobe for free.

Many people who suffer from eating disorders have fluctuating weight and body measurements, making it frustrating for them to keep a consistent wardrobe without spending a lot of money on clothes that fit. Plus, seeing the inconsistent clothing sizes can be triggering for people who are still sensitive about their body image.

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The Garment Project collaborates with health clinics across the country to connect with patients who are about to be released from treatment. The patients can then select new, name brand clothing that they like from the organization’s website. The Pittsburgh-based project then removes all tags, sizes, and measurements to remove possible stress before shipping them…

How to Conquer Your Messy Room Fast but Not Furious

Do you find yourself surrounded by piles of papers, unread magazines, and books you are holding on to in case you may want to read them in the future? Is your closet bursting with clothes, half of which haven’t seen the light of day in years? Do you feel like you are drowning under an uncontrollable mess? Take charge and declutter your life right now.

Living under piles and tiptoeing down that small path through personal possessions just to reach your bed is not only unhealthy for your body, with dust mites, possible mold and more, but also detrimental to your mind. Clearing your physical space will also free the clutter from your mind.

Decluttering will not only make you healthier, but all of the clean, open spaces will also make you happier.

The hardest part of decluttering your life can be letting go. You have to decide what to throw out and what to keep. Some stuff is cut and dry. Old and broken? Chuck. No longer used? Recycle or give away.

What about the blurred lines? You may place personal value on items, like that misshapen clay horse your 36 year old son presented to you in kindergarten. At 36, chances are he may not even remember it. Does it make you happy? Keep it. But if you find yourself under a mountain of these meaningful mementos, it may be a sign to let go.

Tackle Your Clutter in 15 Minute Intervals

If you are facing a daunting mess of ginormous proportions, you may feel like giving up before you even start. Don’t! Tackle your clutter in smaller chunks of time.1 Set a timer for 15 minutes and work on clearing a room. When the alarm goes off, walk away and do something else. You can choose to return later for another 15 minute stint, or just do 15 minutes a day. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in those 15 minutes.

It’s so easy to find that marble rabbit statue your Aunt Elsie gave to you and suddenly wonder how she is and end up in a two hour phone conversation catching up. Stop yourself from going down that rabbit hole. Focus on clearing your clutter during your allotted time. You can call Aunt Elsie later.

Declutter Your House Room By Room

Go through each room in your house methodically, one at a time.2 Clear the items that you no longer need or use from drawers, closets and under beds. Make a stack of things you use and things you can recycle or give away. When you are done, box up the recyclables and stash in your car to drop off at the local thrift store. Then put back all the things you are keeping.

Go through each room from one end to the other

Clear a work space for yourself and declutter your chosen room starting from one end of the room, making your way to the other. Don’t jump around. It will only add mess upon mess and have you throwing up your hands in defeat.


Clearing out your wardrobe

Keep two big trash bags or boxes on hand when you go through the items in your wardrobe. In one throw all those clothes that are soiled, damaged or too worn out. You will be throwing these away. In the second box place all those clothes that you haven’t worn in more than six months, except for season items like jackets and scarves/swimsuits and sarongs that you will be wearing for that time of year. Donate the second box to a charity shop or thrift store. You you are going through your kids clothes, pass them on to a family with kids younger than yours.

Keeping a seasonal wardrobe

Still facing too many clothes? Consider having a seasonal wardrobe to free up space in that closet and in those drawers. When you are facing warm weather, pack up the winter coats, scarves and long sleeve shirts. When…

At the 2017 Met Gala, the clothing spoke louder than the Instagram likes

Entertainment Editor Cara Kelly and Digital Editor Maeve McDermott talk about the hottest fashion at the 2017 Met Gala.


NEW YORK — Rei Kawakubo skittered up the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Monday night, only faintly glancing at the photographers and reporters chanting her name from the sides of the red, or rather, blue carpet. A stranger to the scene would have hardly known she was an important guest at the A-list circus that is the annual Costume Institute Gala, let alone the star of the whole show.

The reclusive designer, who founded label Comme des Garçons in 1969, is the focus of the museum’s latest exhibit and a rare bird in an industry full of peacocks. She scarcely gives interviews, doesn’t have personal social media accounts and won’t measure her success on praise from others.

Her designs speak for themselves. And in that way, her ethos was the unifier of a disparate and relatively quiet blue carpet.

Guests to the yearly fundraiser held in honor of the exhibit are encouraged to channel the subject of the new showcase, which typically happens with varying degrees of…

How I Make $800 on Month on eBay Selling Used Clothes

When I graduated from college and started my first job, I was on a strict budget. I was always looking for ways to make extra cash and save money. I built my work wardrobe entirely from thrift store finds. It was while I was thrifting that I stumbled across one of my most lucrative side gigs: reselling clothes on eBay.

How I got my start

I love NYDJ jeans. They’re the only jeans that fit me off the rack without tailoring. But they cost about $120 brand-new, which was way outside my budget. I would peruse the thrift store aisles, hoping to find a pair in my size.

One day I did find a pair, but they were three sizes too small. But at just $4, they were too good of a deal to pass up. I bought them, thinking one of my friends would want them. But on a whim, I decided to check how much they go for on eBay. A used pair often goes for $30 or $40. I sold that first pair within a week and pocketed $25, after fees.

It got me thinking about other things I could sell online. Within a few weeks, I was selling about 20 items a week and pocketing $800 a month in profits.

Building this hobby into a business

At first, I started very small. I bought just a few items at a time to sell and had very little in terms of supplies. I mostly relied on free priority shipping envelopes from the post office and printed shipping labels at the library. (See also: From Fine to Fabulous: 7 Ways to Improve Your eBay Business)

But once I had made several hundred dollars from this, I started taking it more seriously and reinvested in my business. I added the following tools and supplies to support the expansion.

Bulk vinyl envelopes for shipping

By switching to…

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Washing Machine

If you feel like your clothes aren’t coming out of the washing machine quite as sparkling clean as you expect, there are a few adjustments you can make in order to ensure your clothes look (and smell) fresh. Consumer Reports recently listed a few tips for boosting your machine’s efficiency, discovered by its washing-machine testers:


It’s tempting to shove as much laundry as possible into one machine (especially if you’re at a laundromat or using a shared machine), but it will come back to bite you. If your clothes don’t have enough room to move around in the drum, they won’t get as clean. Refer to your owner’s manual for the maximum load weight and stick to it. Exceed it, and the detergent won’t be able to distribute evenly throughout the load, and some stains might be left untouched.


If you feel like your clothes are coming out dirty, more detergent probably isn’t the answer. For one thing, clothes need to rub against each other in the wash to get clean, and too many suds can get in the way. Instead of using more detergent, use better detergent, like Tide…

14 Articles of Clothing Named After Places

When we throw on an old pair of jeans or dress up in a tux, we’re not just wearing clothes. We’re wearing toponyms, or words named after their places of origin. Many common articles of clothing and general fashion terms have surprising geographic roots. Here’s a tour of 14 of them.


Tuxedo dons its name courtesy of Tuxedo Park, New York, home to an elite country club where men began wearing this style of jacket, later paired with pants, in 1886. The name Tuxedo itself may be from an Algonquian term for “crooked river.”


Getty Images

Jersey cattle, New Jersey, and basketball jerseys all hail, etymologically speaking, from Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands off the coast of Normandy. There, they knitted a close-fitting garment that, by the mid-1850s, was morphing into the jerseys athletes, and their diehard fans, sport today.


Getty Images

If you associate ascot with posh British men, you’re not just stereotyping. You’re also doing etymology. The name for this tucked-in necktie trots back to Ascot, a town outside London that has long hosted a prestigious annual horserace the Royal Family attends. And one wants to look nice for the monarch, no? By the early 1900s, men were putting on the ascot tie for the event, shortened to ascot by the 1950s.


Getty Images

We can thank the Scots for the feathery, frilly swirls on our neckties and shawls. The paisley pattern honors Paisley, Scotland, which, inspired by Indian imports, printed the design on its famous textiles. The toponym is first attested in a 1790 poem by Robert Burns, fittingly, while the teardrop pattern itself may depict a type of Indian pine cone.



And we can thank other Scots for the argyle on our socks. The diamond design is based on the tartan identifying the Argyll branch of Clan Campbell in western Scotland. Luxury knitwear clothier Pringle of Scotland helped popularize the modern pattern when the Duke of Windsor wore some…

These Ties Are Made of Spider Silk

One day, you could be wearing spider silk clothing—but with synthetic silk made in a lab. A company called Bolt Threads has successfully bioengineered synthetic silk inspired by spider webs and turned it into a tie, as The New Yorker and Co.Design report.

Bolt Threads uses genetically engineered yeast to produce proteins similar to the natural proteins in spider silk, then spins those proteins into fibers. The yarn from those fibers is used to make a limited edition tie that has already sold out. With only 50 ties available for $314 each, the company held a lottery on March 14 to give potential customers the chance to buy…