Driftwood Beach

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Driftwood Beach at dusk. Logala (Atlas Obscura User)
It looks like a tree graveyard.
It’s a popular spot for local weddings.
The quiet and picturesque beach is on the north end of Jekyll Island. Logala (Atlas Obscura User)

Jekyll Island is Georgia state’s smallest barrier island—a narrow sediment deposit that runs along the coastline. The unique geography of…

Kiipsaare Lighthouse

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The leaning lighthouse of Kiipsaare, off the island of Saaremaa, Estonia.
Now cast out to sea, until the late 20th century the lighthouse stood on solid ground. ahvenas (Atlas Obscura User)
The view from the top. ahvenas (Atlas Obscura User)
Sunset at Kiipsaare lighthouse. Abrget47j (CC BY-SA 3.0)
The lighthouse has straightened up a bit in more recent years. ahvenas (Atlas Obscura User)
Officially inactive (and closed to the public), for the intrepid hiker there is an open door and stairs up to the top. ahvenas (Atlas Obscura User)

The slender beacon off the coast of the Estonian island of…