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How Your Email Subject Lines Can Affect Your Work

Need to write an important email? If you can, avoid composing it on a Monday—but if it can’t wait, make sure to double-check the subject line’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation before hitting the “send” button. As Business Insider reports, a new analysis conducted by email productivity tool Boomerang found that online missives sent on Mondays are more likely to contain subject line errors than digital dispatches crafted on other days of the week. In turn, these emails are less likely to receive a response from recipients.

Boomerang used automated grammar-checking software to scan the subject lines of more than 250,000 emails and monitored their response rate. Not surprisingly, they discovered that Monday—the day we’re settling back into business mode after a weekend away from the office—is when people make the most mistakes.

Stray typos might not seem like a big deal (unless you’re a die-hard grammarian), but Boomerang’s data scientists discovered that they affected reply rate. Mistake-free subject lines had a 34 percent response rate, but emails containing one or more typos in the subject line—think improperly capitalized words, spelling errors, and faulty…