8 No-Brainer Ways to Save More Money

Want to save big with minimal effort? We’ve always admired the expert coupon clippers who could roll up to the check-out line and slash their bill by 90 percent by handing over a fistful of fliers. But pouring over discount pamphlets to find the best deals sounds, frankly, exhausting. So we asked money-saving experts what small tweaks we can make to our daily lives in order to sock the most money away.


You can drastically cut your grocery bill if you buy fruits and veggies during their harvest seasons. This means that now isn’t the best time to buy peaches or watermelon, says Cindy Livesey, New Jersey-based founding editor of the blog Living Rich with Coupons. “If you buy the strawberries in February, it’ll be high priced,” she says.


You don’t need to clip coupons in order to take advantage of store discounts, Livesey says. If Costco is having a buy-one-get-one sale on dishwasher tablets, and you know that this is the brand that you use on a regular basis, then you should purchase as many boxes as you can store, she says. “I did this deal myself, and it required no coupons,” Livesey says, explaining that she bought 12 boxes which lasted for six months until the next big dishwasher tablet sale.


Livesey uses…

Order Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Now To Score the Best Deal,

Love is free, but romance isn’t—especially right around Valentine’s Day, when an order of a dozen red roses can cost upwards of $45. A simple explanation for their high sticker price is that florists profit from high seasonal demand, but e-coupon website Brad’s Deals found the story to be a little more complicated. They spoke with representatives from online floral companies, who explained the hidden costs involved in your purchase.

According to Brad’s Deals, 250 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day every year. To meet this increased demand, flower factories hire additional harvesters and deploy extra trucks and airplanes to transport the blossoms, which costs them money. Also, don’t forget roses aren’t in season: Valentine’s flowers are often imported…