41 Photos Of Boys With Dolls That Prove Gender Doesn’t Belong In The Toy Aisle

At HuffPost Parents, we believe all toys are for any child who wants to play with them.

While some may still see dolls as a “girl toy,” there are plenty of boys out there who adore their baby dolls, Barbies and stuffed friends. And it’s not only OK ― it’s downright adorable.

So we asked the HuffPost Parents community to share their cutest photos of their sons with their dolls, and we’re sharing our favorites with you below.

  • Carrie Biney/Facebook

    “Ever concerned with child development and representation, my awesome mom made sure to not only get my son Benjamin a doll, but a doll of color. ‘My baby!’”

  • Dani Horne/Facebook
  • Bess Given Grant/Facebook

    “My son loves his ‘Babyzilla’! When my daughter was given a doll for her birthday, my son wanted one as well, and I had absolutely no problem with that! He loves to rock his baby, put his baby down for a nap, and ‘change’ his baby!”

  • Kayli Schaaf/Facebook

    “I’m sure someone will find something wrong with the car seat straps, but I love this picture of my son at 2. My daughter plays with that doll now, but he picked it out long before she was here.”

  • Amy Wenzel/Facebook

    “My sweet 16-year-old son has autism and LOVES Disney Princesses. He sleeps with nine princesses and a cat. Even with a queen size bed there’s not much room for him! He doesn’t care about gender stereotypes, but his other interests have always been typical ‘boy’ things. It’s only the last two years that he’s gotten into princesses. One nice thing about autism is that he is oblivious to societal ‘standards’ and is free to love whatever he loves without paying attention to what he is ‘supposed’ to like. His other interests include elevators, doors, and every kind of vehicle, especially garbage trucks and trains.”

  • Karen Gearon/Facebook

    “He used to wear his baby like I wore his brother and this picture always makes me melt, even though it’s three years old now.”

  • Melissa Borruso Rice/Facebook

    “This is my 5-year-old son Winston and his Wonder Crew doll ‘Winston Jr.’ He brings him everywhere! Winston is a triplet with 2 sisters, so has been around dolls since he was born & the idea that dolls are for ‘girls only’ has never even occurred to him. He loves to play soccer and golf with Winston Jr. and I love watching all 3 of my kids play ‘mommy and daddy’ and ‘school’ all together with their dolls. I know Winston will be…

Resourceful Dad Shares Awesome Diaper Genie Hack For Parents

Parents, prepare for some hack magic!

Vermont dad is sharing one way that parents of babies can make more cost effective decisions.

”Diaper Genie Users: save the blue ring and use your own trash bags,” he wrote. “We’ve saved a lot of money with this one!”

Lawyer told HuffPost he has an 11-month-old daughter named Charlotte and first discovered this hack when she was about 3 months old ― when they first ran out of refills.

Though some Reddit…

Don’t Waste Money on This Pricey Baby Gear

It’s easy to get carried away with cute baby buys when you’re strolling through Babies ‘R’ Us. However, tons of tiny purchases can add up quickly and result in an empty bank account, as well as a lot of items wasting space in the nursery.

When the average cost of raising a child is approximately $12,980 per year, it’s important to save money whenever possible. Fortunately, you can start by avoiding unnecessary baby gear. (See also: 5 Money Rules That’ll Save You Big in Baby’s First Year)

1. Extra bedding

The safest way for a baby to sleep is with a tight fitting crib sheet. Anything else could pose a suffocation hazard. One blanket is enough for car rides, stroller time, and cuddling, so there’s no need to spend much on multiple bedding sets, bumpers, or other bedding upgrades.

Crib bedding and diaper gear are commonly stained due to leaky diapers and spit up, so stick with functional and easy to clean material. Don’t worry about pillows or matching duvets. A newborn can’t use those anyway.

2. Fancy Diaper Bag

Your diaper bag is going to see a lot of wear and tear. Imagine spilled milk and dirty burp cloths staining the inside, and dust and dirt, stickers…