Girl Who Couldn’t Speak Tells Donkey, ‘I Love You’

For the longest time, Amber Austwick was unable to speak. In fact, it took a donkey to inspire her first words.

Amber, a 6-year-old in Birmingham, England, was born prematurely, along with her twin sister, Hope, in June 2010.

Both babies suffered severe bleeding in their lungs, but Hope got stronger while Amber needed a life-saving tracheotomy that restricted air to her vocal cords, according to Inside Edition.

As a result, she was able to breathe, but unable to speak.

But that changed three years ago, when Amber’s mom, Tracy Austwick, took her to an animal sanctuary. It was there that Amber met Shocks, a donkey that had been rescued from abuse.

It was quite scary…

Therapy Donkey Helps A Special Needs Girl Speak Again

Some people believe the whole therapy animal thing is out of control, but if you think about it the “therapy” most of these animals provide involves calming and comforting a person, so just about any animal can provide therapy.

Just ask little Amber Austwick and she’ll tell you- a donkey makes a fine therapy animal, and her hoofed friend Shock from The Donkey Sanctuary in Birmingham, England actually helped her speak again.

In 2011 Amber was born prematurely and couldn’t breathe, so doctors gave her a tracheotomy that left her mute due to vocal chord scarring. Amber was also born with cerebral palsy, making the first few years of her life a struggle for the poor little girl.

But then she met Shocks the donkey, who changed her life with his gentle charm:

“She struggled to sit up and showed no…

Completely Mute Girl Surprises Everyone When She Tells Her Therapy Donkey These Magical Words

Meet a girl named Amber and her therapy donkey Shocks, who both had a rough start in life… Shocks was found with a rope tied around his neck and skin covered in lesions and sores from being tethered. Luckily, he was rescued and taken to The Donkey Sanctuary in Birmingham, England, where he met Amber in 2013.

At that time the girl wasn’t able to make a single sound. When Amber and her sister were born prematurely, she had to have a surgery that saved her life but cut off airflow from her vocal chords and made her mute. On top of that, the girl has cerebral palsy which made it a struggle for her to move around.

But everything started changing when she met Shock. “It was fairly immediate to see they had a bond together, as they were both so gentle with…

Dog And Donkey Figured Out This Whole Long-Distance Relationship Thing

Buster the doggie lives with his humans in Dublin – but he is in a long-distance relationship with someone who is based in Ireland’s Dingle peninsula. It all started back in 2013 when Buster and his owner Traolach Ó Buachalla went there on holidays and met a tall dark donkey named Jack. Buster and the animal got on very well from the second they saw each other. “The first time they met, they were just so friendly to each other,” Buachalla told The Dodo.

Since that encounter, Buster kept coming back to the peninsula and meeting Jack the donkey every year. “It’s very sweet,” Buachalla said. “I have no idea if this is normal for donkeys, but my dog is rarely so interested in other animals as he is, in particular, with Jack.”