Dress code

Mom’s Viral Letter Invites Principal To Go Shopping After Daughter Gets In Trouble For ‘Inappropriate’ Clothes

School dress codes have been igniting debates between parents, students, and staff for decades, but never more so than in recent years. When Dr. Catherine Pearlman’s daughter was reprimanded at her school for wearing shorts that ‘didn’t come all the way down to her fingertips,’ she decided to write the principal a scathing letter that is now going gloriously viral.

Pearlman, a social worker originally from Long Island, New York, initially published her letter on NBC News’ TODAY Parenting Team community blog, and has already received over 400 upvotes, as well as thousands of likes and shares from other websites. Her daughter, 13 years old, was subjected to a practice adopted by most public schools – banning shorts that aren’t longer than a girl’s fingers. Can we talk about how problematic this is for a second?

As if it isn’t bad enough that girls are more likely to be penalized by the dress code than boys every time, they’re…

Why Women Couldn’t Wear Pants on the Senate Floor Until 1993

So many of the conventions that ruled how men and women interacted were “unwritten rules” that everyone understood, but were not legally codified. Conformity came from social pressure from the majority of people who just knew that “that’s the way it is.” Such was the dress code for the U.S. Senate that expected women to wear dresses long after those in other professions were wearing pantsuits, uniform pants, or jeans to work.

As the upper house in the U.S. legislature, the Senate has always been more formal and reserved than the House. Even during the 1980s, pants on women were apparently too much for that august chamber to handle. Individual Senate offices had their own rules, but on the floor, women wearing pants were verboten, which could necessitate quick changes. “We’ve…