YouTube details 4 new steps for fighting terrorism content

Image Credit: Reuters

YouTube today announced four new steps the site will be taking to combat terrorist videos. The Google-owned company also took the opportunity to discuss the tech industry’s role in not just identifying and removing content that violates policies, but proactively denying any incentive to upload such content in the first place.

“Terrorism is an attack on open societies, and addressing the threat posed by violence and hate is a critical challenge for us all,” Google’s general counsel Kent Walker explained. “Google and YouTube are committed to being part of the solution. We are working with government, law enforcement and civil society groups to tackle the problem of violent extremism online. There should be no place for terrorist content on our services.”

Because extremists and terrorists attack our security as well as our values, they are against exactly what make our societies open and free. Tech companies can help build lasting solutions to this complex challenge.

YouTube is taking the following four steps…