Firefighter Won’t Let This Dog Die After Pulling Him From A Burning Home, Performs Mouth-To-Mouth

Meet Andrew Klein, a first responder with the Santa Monica Fire Department in California, who just demonstrated that every life is worth fighting for by saving a doggie named Nalu. The apartment where the pooch lived with his mom caught fire earlier this week, dangerously trapping the dog inside the house.

At the same time, Billy Fernando, a portrait photographer, was driving by when he saw the scene. The man stopped and started taking pictures of firefighters in action – but what he didn’t know was that he was about to witness a life being saved.

“As I was standing outside, I saw the firefighter, Mr. Klein, running toward the curbside grass area carrying something,” Fernando told The Dodo. “I didn’t know what it was at first, but then I realized that it…

The Fire That Destroyed the West Wing on Christmas Eve

On December 24, 1929, all was not calm at the White House—though it certainly was bright.

President and First Lady Herbert and Lou Hoover were hosting a Christmas party for children of White House staffers when White House Chief Usher Ike Hoover (no relation) delivered a quiet message to the president: The West Wing was ablaze.

Library of Congress

Hoover immediately grabbed his son and members of his Cabinet and led them to the executive office, where they crawled through a window and began hauling out steel cabinets full of important files. Hoover’s secretaries grabbed his desk drawers while Secret Service agents saved the desk chair and the presidential flag.

With the critical documents and important politicians out of the way, firefighters broke the skylight and chopped holes in the roof to let…